2 June, Let’s Sing (1981-1991)


Town Hall Square

12.00 “At the End of the World”, 25-member folk music orchestra, a wild bunch of young musicians who have a common interest in the folk music of different peoples. On stage: young musicians from the G. Ots Tallinn School of Music, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Old Town Educational College, Tallinn French School, Heino Eller Tartu Music College and Tallinn University of Technology. Conductors Maarja Soomre and Sänni Noormets as well as Chris Farnaby from Germany.


Gustav Adolf Grammar School’s concert-presentation Andebaas X. Gustav Adolf Grammar School celebrates the 10th anniversary of its CD series Andebaas with an annual release. Performances by Gustav Adolf Grammar School Orchestra, Director’s Band’s first and third line-up and many other performers from these ten years. Songs by the talented young people, alumni and friends of Gustav Adolf Grammar School.



Tallinn University of Technology Wind Orchestra “Summer Concert (Dedicated to Estonia)”, soloists Hanna Lotte Krall, David O’Brock. Evergreen Estonian music from Valgre, Naissoo, Kikerpuu, Vinter, Oit, etc. Conductors Tarmo Kivisilla and Diana Mäeväli.

16.30 Lezgin dance ensemble Lezginka. Rameliya Ulubayova.
18.00 Reval Folk. Concert and joint action of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the folk musicians of Reval Folk, led by Katariin Raska and Sänni Noormets.


Punk band Vennaskond. Provocative appearance, punk poetry and music were the weapons of the young generation in their fight against the regime of that time, their clashes with the militia became quite common.


21.30 Footsteps_icon.svg
Movie Night at the open air cinema on Town Hall Square:  Grigori Kromanov Viimne Reliikvia (The Last Relic) (1969).


Guided tours



“From Stagnation in the Old Town to Restored Independence” (1980–1991), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee



“This Was My Old Town“. Every full hour one veteran member of the Home Town Movement invites you on a tour of the Old Town of their youth. Meeting place in front of the Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3).

13.00-14.00 “The Best of the Museum”, a tour in the Estonian Museum of Natural History. Ticket 6 € / 3 €. Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a).


“A Hundred Steps on the Way to School”, the young tour guides from Old Town Educational College will be on the streets: from Vene Street to Vanaturu kael; from Vene Street to Olevimägi; from Viru Street to Uus Street. Start at 22 Vene Street.



“Starõi gorod ot stagnatsii do novoi samostojatelnosti” (1980–1991), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa (in Russian). Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee



Guided tour – a game for little ladies and knights (ages 7 to 12). Pre-registration info@tallinnmuseum.com. Ticket 9 € / 5 €. Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood (Kuninga 3).

Here and there


The courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)

11.00–12.00    Family morning – a cozy meet-up on the topic of nature. Ticket 6 € / 3 €.

20.30   Singing together. A while ago, it was a tradition during the Old Town Days to gather in the courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History after a busy day and sing together. We are doing it again. Song sheets for singing along are available on site.



Maiden’s Tower (Lühike jalg 9a)

11.00–18.00    Tower Cinema. Historical films throughout the day. Ticket 3 € / 2 €.

19.00   Tower Cinema presents: first Estonian film Laenatud naene (The Borrowed Wife).  Ticket 3 € / 2 €.



Concert performances by the collectives of the Estonian Union of National Minorties.


 Hobusepea Pop-Up Courtyard (Hobusepea 2)

In the pop-up courtyard, the artists of the house present and sell their creations.

12.00–15.00 Open art studios

15.00 Guided tour with Jaak Juske, pre-registration: hobusepeakaks@gmail.com

16.00 Courtyard concert with Peedu Kass

18.00 Courtyard concert with Chalice


Komandandi Garden

Viking camp. It will be possible to see and touch ancient-looking objects, listen to pipe music, participate in workshops, practise archery and javelin throw and see how authentically equipped warriors battle each other. Sword Fighting Society.

14.00-19.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)“A Hundred Volleys of the Century”. Presentation of the mentality of the era through poetry, short prose and dialogue-sketches.
14.00  Satirical programme from 1918–1938
15.00   Satirical programme from 1939-1959
16.00   Satirical programme from 1960-1980
17.00   Satirical programme from 1981-1991
18.00   Satirical programme from 1992-2018Programme creator Veiko Märka. Performing: Lauli Otsar, Jürgen Gansen, Sander Roosimägi, Ester Kuntu. Museum courtyard.

 Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)

Hobby Centre Kullo vocal ensemble Helisev Hääl, supervisor Gerli-Aet Arras.



Hopner House (Vanaturu kael 3)

Play Meri and Orav, author Andrus Kivirähk. The president Päts era blacksmith Ivan Orav and president Lennart Meri carry a writing table from the attic to the living room. Witty dialogue on political issues is the hallmark of those men. With Andrus Vaarik and Egon Nuter. Tickets from Piletilevi and one hour before the play on site 15 €.


 St. Catherine’s Church (Vene 14a)

Hungarian Institute presents: Hungarian trombone ensemble Four Bones. Trombone is the favourite instrument of these four young men who graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Music; their repertoire includes music from early Renaissance to modern compositions of classics and jazz. Members of the band: Magyar Péter, Gáspár Olivér, Angyal János, Gyetvai Péter, percussion Tamás “Tobz”i Kovács. Tickets from Piletilevi and an hour before the concert on site 5 €. St. Catherine’s Church (Vene 14a).



Courtyard of Georg Ots School of Music (Vabaduse väljak 4)

Think Tank: Let’s Sing – How Music Feeds National Feeling. Participants in the discussion: Hirvo Surva, Veronika Portsmuth, Olav Ehala, Margit Kilumets. Gate stage of Georg Ots School of Music (Vabaduse väljak 4).


Old Town Music House (Uus 16)

21.00   “Northern War”, performers include Jüri Kotshinev, Jaak Johanson, Krista Citra Joonas and the students of the Old Town Educational College Music School. Old Town Music House (Uus 16).


Church of the Holy Spirit (Pühavaimu 2)

21.00   Unforgettable Vocal. Laura Põldvere.


Folk culture area, Towers’ Square


Practical lecture by Tiina Paasik “How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Small Gardens”.

Tiina Paasik is a renowned Estonian agronomist and a long-time lecturer at the Räpina School of Horticulture.



Village party – here you can sing, dance and play. Seto Latsi Kuul, Seto singing society Siidisõsarõ, folk dance society Kaera-Jaan, folklore group Mesilane and Tallinn French School’s dance group Leesikad. The evening will end with a performance by Tallinn Dance Club. Joint project of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and Tallinn Old Town Days.


Rhythms of Toompea

13.00 Sounds of the Maiden’s Tower. Guitar studio Sound Music. Amphitheatre of the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a)
14.00 Garden Music. Hopner House Early Music Studio. Komandandi Garden.
15.00 Park Études. “The Story of the Pillory”, Tammsaare Theatre. Seven Castle Park.
16.00 Courtyard Music. Mr Musett – Midi accordion. Café-studio Bogapott (Pikk jalg 9).
17.00 Outdoor Music. Moldovian musical group Strugurel. Rutu 3 courtyard.
18.00 Staircase Stories. Tallinn Fire Association Brass Orchestra. In front of the Estonian Knighthood House (Kiriku plats 1).
19.00 Music At the Side of the Castle. Governor’s Garden (Lossi plats 1a).
21.00 Sunset Dances. Fire art group Flameous. Bishop’s Garden (Toom-Kooli 21).


Children and youth area Lahela (Toompark)

11.00-19.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Scouts’ tents will be set up in the Lahela area, where the following activities are offered: tying knots, henna, scout constructions, climbing wall, terrain games and singing. Estonian Scout Association.
11.00-14.00 Workshop: the 100 Towers of 100 Ghosts Only a Hundred Steps Away. Kadriorg Children’s Museum Miiamilla.
11.00-15.00 Workshop on the re-use of plastic “Plastic not Fantastic”. Youth organisation Precious Plastic Estonia.
12.00-13.00 “Jams and Sugar Bowls” – a lecture on sugar consumption in Estonia. Estonian Healthcare Museum.
12.00-16.00 Fair of student companies. Come and check out the unique ideas and initiatives of our youth. Junior Achievement Eesti SA.
12.00-19.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
The animation tent of Nukufilm’s Children’s Studio lets you try your hand at making animations, depicting the period of 1981–1991 through animation.  Come and make the old town come alive in your drawings! You can also enrol your animation in the competition for the best film.
14.00-16.00 Flower-making workshop. Tallinn Russian Museum.
14.00-18.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Photo corner. Travel back in time to 1981-1991. You can put on the clothes from that era and let the photographer capture it. Photographer Ruben Igitkhanyan. Photo 5 €.


Escape game in the Old Town “Back to the Past”. 2–5 players per group. Pre-registration filip.gabor@gmail.com. Participation fee 20 € per group. MTÜ Shokkin Group.



Street games. We will run and jump, cross “ditches”, practice precision-throwing, etc. Modern electronic games. Rubik’s cubes are coming into fashion. We will try to find our balance and try our hands and feet at both indoor and outdoor games. Tallinn City Museum.



History of Sexual Education for Young People. Did people understand and accept physical changes and physical differences between bodies in the same way at different times? What kind of myths were dominant? How did they impact people’s lives? How good is sexual education in Estonia currently? Estonian Healthcare Museum.


Lahela lava (Toompark)

11.00-12.00 Specialist Marika Nekljudova will tell you how to take care of rodents. Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals.
12.00 “Our Estonia“, concert by Tallinn Järveotsa Kindergarten.
Hobby Centre Kullo KT Stuudio or Kõik Tantsima Stuudio.
12.50 Gianni Rodari’s play Telephone Tales. Theatre studio Lendav Lehm (MTÜ Lasnamäe Huvikool).
13.00 “Song Mill of a Happy-Go-Lucky”, Hobby Centre Kullo children’s choir Ellerhein. Singers from grades I and II perform well-known children’s songs of Estonian composers from 1981 to 1991. The choir is supervised by Mallika Veeperv, Marit Koit and Aale Rosenstrauch.


“Let’s Celebrate Together! Estonia – 100, Dance Theatre Polly – 10“, Dance Theatre Polly.

13.45 “Workshop of Life” – From Behind the Curtain to the Stage! Dance club Mustad Kassid.
14.20 Black & White Dance studio and Mariliis Jõgeva.
14.40 Stassi dance studio.
15.00 A Snake for Beads, based on Jüri Parijõgi’s fairy tale. Theatre studio Lendav Lehm (MTÜ Lasnamäe Huvikool).
15.40 Tallinn Männiku Kindergarten L.Tigane Stories of the Farmhand
16.00 Bus Trip to Metsaküla, a play by Jakob Westholm Upper Secondary School.
 17.00 Dance studio Mission4
 18.00 Fisherman’s Tales, a play based on Estonian folklore which ties together the fairy tales of different Estonian regions. Theatre studio Lendav Lehm (MTÜ Lasnamäe Huvikool).



12.00-16.00 Ancient metal jewellery workshop. Master Toomas Mägi. In front of the Kuldjala Tower next to the Hometown House.
12.00-16.00 Glass Bead Game. Master Piret Kerem in front of the Kuldjala Tower next to the Hometown House.
12.00-16.00 Rag carpet making workshop. Master Külli Viil. Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3).
12.00-18.00 Helina Tilk’s porcelain painting workshops. Prices of the porcelain to be painted range from 3 € to 20 € (Pikk 41/1).