1 June, Life is like a movie (1956-1980)

Town Hall Square

12.00-15.00 Rat Race 2018: office workers’ charity race, the participation fee is used to support the Huggybear project, i.e. to provide all police cars with teddy bears for children.


Concert “100 Steps in Music”. Soloists and ensembles of the Old Town Educational College.

17.30-18.15 Claudia Ševtšenko’s flamenco dance studio
19.00 Hungarian Institute presents: Hungarian trombone ensemble Four Bones. Trombone is the favourite instrument of these four young men who graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Music; their repertoire includes music from early Renaissance to modern compositions of classics and jazz. Band members: Magyar Péter, Gáspár Olivér, Angyal János, Gyetvai Péter, percussion Tamás “Tobzi” Kovács.
20.30 Footsteps_icon.svg
Greatest hits of Estonian film music. Soloists Nele-Liis Vaiksoo and Oliver Kuusik. Backing band under the leadership of Toivo Unt: Lembit Saarsalu – saxophone; Olav Ehala – piano; Toivo Unt – bass; Toomas Rull – drums.
 22.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Movie Night at the open air cinema on Town Hall Square: Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (1979). Based on the science fiction novel of the same name by Arkadi and Boris Strugatsky. Director Grigori Kromanov. When police inspector Glebsky prepares to spend a pleasant evening and a quiet night at a lonely mountain hotel, he does not know that this property, surrounded by bright white untouched snow, is inhabited by such extravagant guests.

Guided tours

(in English)12.00
(in Russian)14.00

Guider tour in Toompea Castle, in Estonian.

Pre-registration ekskursioon@riigikogu.ee.



“A Hundred Steps on the Way to School”. The young tour guides from Old Town Educational College will be on the streets: from Vene Street to Vanaturu kael; from Vene Street to Olevimägi; from Viru Street to Uus Street. Start at 22 Vene Street.

14.00 Lecture and guided tour at the permanent exhibition “Stories and Songs” with composer Tauno Aints. Pre-registration by phone 6446407, on the homepage www.tmm.ee. Ticket 5 € / 2 €. Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)



Guided tour – a game for little ladies and knights (ages 7 to 12). Pre-registration info@tallinnmuseum.com. Ticket 9 € / 5 €. Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood (Kuninga 3).


“Nasledije II mirovoi voinõ v starom gorode” (1939–1954), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa (in Russian). Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee

16.00 Lecture and guided tour at the permanent exhibition “Stories and Songs” with actress Anne Veesaar. Pre-registration by phone 6446407, on the homepage www.tmm.ee. Ticket 5 € / 2 €. Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)
17.00 “Can You Really Not See?”, Tiina Mägi invites you to look at the Old Town of Tallinn that she sees in her dreams. Meeting place is on the Towers’ Square near Raudsepp’s fountain.


“Old Town from Khrushchev’s Time to the Capital of the Olympic Sailing Regatta” (1956–1980), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee

 18.00 “A Hundred Steps in the Great Guild”, Ivar Leimus introduces the Great Guild Hall from its basement to the attic. Pre-registration post@ajaloomuuseum.ee or by phone 6968690. Ticket 3 €. Estonian History Museum: Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17).
 20.00 “A Hundred Steps in the Old Town”, walking tour inspired by the stories of Apothecary Melchior, led by Indrek Hargla. The tour starts from the courtyard of the Great Guild Hall of the Estonian History Museum and ends at the Town Hall Pharmacy with the making of a love potion. Pre-registration post@ajaloomuuseum.ee or by phone 6968690. Ticket 3 €. Estonian History Museum: Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17).

Here and there


Karjavärava Square

Procession of chimney sweepers. The procession of these worthy professionals moves from the Chimney Sweeper’s statue through Viru Street and Town Hall Square to the Freedom Square. They bring good luck to those who touch their buttons and give out candy to children.


Chocolala (Suur-Karja 20)

Opening of the Chocolate Museum. You will be told about the success story of Estonian chocolate prior to World War II and you can also sample the sweets.



Freedom Square

12.00   Song festival of Tallinn kindergartens “A Hundred Shining Eyes”. 100 kindergartens will participate, in total 1010 children. Conductor Raul Talmar, accompanied by Urmas Lattikas Band.


Komandandi Garden

Viking camp. It will be possible to see and touch ancient-looking objects, listen to pipe music, participate in workshops, practise archery and javelin throw and see how authentically equipped warriors battle each other. Sword Fighting Society.


Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3)

A day for and with those who have slightly different needs.

12.00   Computer, a play by Laagna Kindergarten-Basic School.  The play was written by a 9th grade pupil – Johannes Põderson.

15.00   The Clown Says No!, a family play by the group of actors from Tallinn Support Centre Juks.  It’s time for the final and most famous number at the circus, but – the clown says NO. What happens next? Producer Zoja Mellov.

16.00   Joy of Singing. Concert performances by big and little singers.



Rock and jazz stage of the G. Ots School of Music. Performers include the young musicians from G. Ots School of Music. Concerts at 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30, 20.00.


Tallinn Georg Ots School of Music gate stage (Vabaduse väljak 4, courtyard)

13.00   “Rhythms, Rhythms”. Rhythmic music bands
14.30   “Let’s Blow”. Saxophone quartet, wind quintet and other wind instrument ensembles
16.00   “Pictures from the Exhibition” from baroque to rock – M. Punder Band



Viru tram stop, trams nr 3

15.00–17.00 “Thinking of Juhan Viiding”. On his 70th anniversary, 2nd and 4th year students from the Drama School read the poetry of Juhan Viiding on the trams nr 3 of Tallinn. Supervisor Anu Lamp.


Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)

Concert, Tatjana Timofejeva and Maris Lend with the students of Hobby Centre Kullo.



Saxophone and clarinet ensembles of the students of Hobby Centre Kullo

Soloists and musical groups from Westholm School of Music.

Brass band of the North Estonian Association of the Blind, conductor Vello Loogna.


Hopner House (Vanaturu kael 3)

Concert “The Last Years of Hansa Cities”. Baroque music group LaBande brings to you the work of musicians who lived in 17th century Hansa cities. Helis Naeris (mezzo-soprano), Melissa Jõesaar (Baroque violin), Tõnu Jõesaar (viola da gamba), Robert Saak (lute), Kristiina Are (harpsichord). Ticket 5 €.




Think Tank: Life is Like a Movie – How Narratives Are Created and Solidified Through Movies. Participants in the discussion: Imbi Paju, Riho Västrik, Jaak Kilmi, Peeter Simm, Margit Kilumets. Stage at Harjumägi; in case of rain, the discussion will be held at the Maiden’s Tower (Lühike jalg 9a).


Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)

Love Lettersa play by Tammsaare Theatre. The wonderful correspondence between two people over the course of 50 years unfolds on the stage, providing the audience with an opportunity to follow the story of their development. Producer Reet Paavel, actors Tiiu Uibo and Härmo Saarm. Ticket 5 €.



Maiden’s Tower (Lühike jalg 9a)

11.00–18.00    Tower Cinema: historical films throughout the day. Ticket 3 € / 2 €.

19.00   Tower Cinema: first Estonian film Laenatud naene (The Borrowed Wife). Ticket 3 € / 2 €. Tallinn City Museum.



St. Catherine’s Church (Vene 14a)

Play Barefooted Debora, Kuressaare City Theatre.

The hour of spirits, where Debora Vaarandi and the men in her life meet: Juhan Smuul, Aadu Hint, Anton Vaarandi. The great writers of their time. The play asks the eternal question – whose work is able to cross the boundaries of time. A play dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the poet Debora Vaarandi. Author Urmas Lennuk, actors Piret Rauk, Merilin Kirbits, Andres Raag, Arvi Mägi and Aarne Mägi.

Tickets from Piletilevi and one hour before the play on site 12 €.


The courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)

Singing together with the song club of Nõmme Culture Centre, led by Küllike Pajula. A while ago, it was a tradition during the Old Town Days to gather in the courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History after a busy day and sing together. We are doing it again. Song sheets for singing along are available on site.


St. Olaf’s Church (Lai 50)

“Helletused”. Musicians: Paul Daniel, Linda Kanter, Liina Rahuoja.

Folk culture area, Towers’ Square



Eneli Käger’s practical lecture “Fertilising and Plant Protection 100 and More Years Ago”. Eneli Käger is an acknowledged expert in organic pest control and organic fertilising, and a gardening guru.

 17.00-19.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
National costume showing and national costume flea market. Both people wearing national costumes and those interested in national costumes are welcome to this fun-filled picnic. You can introduce the national costume you are wearing and tell its story. The photographer will capture all the beauty. Experts give advice on how to make and take care of your clothing, you can ask them to evaluate your outfit, ask for tips and recommendations for wearing it.


Village party – here you can sing, dance and play. Hanila Song and Orchestral Society and Kihnu Virve Family Ensemble. Joint project of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and Tallinn Old Town Days.

Children and youth area Lahela (Toompark)



“Black-and-White Hand Prints”. The Museum of Photography shows you how to create black-and-white photos.



Workshop “Moving Pictures”. Children of the 1980s and their popular pastime during recess: how to make the pictures they had drawn by hand move without any special equipment. Tallinn City Museum: Kalamaja Children’s Museum Miiamilla.

14.00-18.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Photo corner. Travel back in time to 1956-1980. You can put on the clothes from that era and let the photographer capture it. Photographer Ruben Igitkhanyan. Photo 5 €.


Escape game in the Old Town “Back to the Past” (in English). 2–5 players per group. Pre-registration filip.gabor@gmail.com. Participation fee 20 € per group. MTÜ Shokkin Group.



Street games. We will run and jump, cross “ditches”, and practice precision-throwing like proper heroes from the movies. We will play hopscotch like our mothers and grandmothers did. Tallinn City Museum.



The animation tent of Nukufilm’s Children’s Studio lets you try your hand at making animations, depicting the period of 1956–1980 through animation.  Come and make the old town come alive in your drawings! You can also enrol your animation in the competition for the best film.

16.00 Award ceremony for the winners of the children’s poster competition.

Circus Studio Folie “Circus Avenue”, Circus artists from Circus Studio Folie, Lizeth Wolk and Carousel Company.

The colourful procession of circus performers starts at Viru Gates at 17.00 and moves through the Town Hall Square to the children and youth area.

18:30-19:20 Circus workshops (juggling with various instruments, knee dancing, etc.). Tutors Circus Studios Folie coaches and students.

Lahela stage (Toompark)

13.30 Children’s dance studio Forte (Tallinn Kopli Youth House)
13.45 Show dance Firework (Tallinn Kopli Youth House)
14.00 “Waiting for Summer!”, singing studio Minimuusikal. Supervisor Piret Puusta.
15.00 “Run, free child!”, dance groups from Rahumäe Basic School grades 1 to 6.
15.45 Dance studio Onyx.
16.30 Play Bill Bergson, Master Detective, Tallinn Gaia School, grades II–IV. Supervisor: Alice Kirsipuu.
17.00 Dance groups from Tallinn School No. 21
17.30 Play Kessu and Tripp, group Naerupallid from Rõõmutareke Kindergarten.
19.20 Circus show “Folies and Friends”, students of youth circuses.




Workshop on the art of writing “Combined Letters: Typography and Calligraphy”. On the art of writing through the ages. Supervised by the graphic designer Ilmar Vallikivi. Pre-registration adamson-eric@ekm.ee or by phone 6445838. Ticket 5 € / 4 €. Art Museum of Estonia: Adamson-Eric’s Museum (Lühike jalg 3).

16.00-20.00 Helina Tilk’s porcelain painting workshops. Prices of the porcelain to be painted range from 3 € to 20 €. (Pikk 41/1).