3 June, New Freedom (1992-2018)

Raekoja plats

9.45 All church bells of the Old Town will ring.


Old Town Days church service “Freedom That Stays“. Pentacostal Church.



Family concert “Sing Your Life Beautiful”, Estonian Radio Children’s Music Studio. Performances by the preparatory choir, little children’s choir and girls’ choir. The programme includes cheerful and summery children’s songs, mostly accompanied by dancing.

14.15 Samba School Kuldõunapuu brings the vibe of the Rio de Janeiro carnival “This is a Love Story” to the streets of the old town. Samba carnival starts at 13.30 at the Viru Gates.
14.30 Dance and fitness club TantsuGeen invites you to enjoy dancing. The stage is filled with dancers aged 3 to 55. Dances from jazz to vogue.
 17.00 Siim Aimla Funk Band feat. Eik Erik Sikk


Musical group Miljardid. This band consists of Estonia’s top musicians: Marten Kuningas, Raul Ojamaa, Peedu Kass and Kristjan Kallas, whose style of music can be characterised as (eso) rock with a strong dose of self-parody.

Guided tours



“Starõi gorod snova pod estonskim flagom” (1991–2018), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa (in Russian). Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee



“A Hundred Steps on the Way to School”, the young tour guides from Old Town Educational College will be on the streets: from Vene Street to Vanaturu kael; from Vene Street to Olevimägi; from Viru Street to Uus Street. Start at 22 Vene Street.

13.00-14.00 “The Best of the Museum”, a tour in the Estonian Museum of Natural History. Ticket 6 € / 3 €. Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a).


“Old Town Under the Estonian Flag Again” (1991–2018), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee

14.00 “Orders – Old International Tradition” (in Russian), guided tour. Pre-registration info@tallinnmuseum.com. Ticket 9 € / 5 €. Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood (Kuninga 3).
16.00 “Orders – Old International Tradition”, guided tour. Pre-registration info@tallinnmuseum.com. Ticket 9 € / 5 €. Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood (Kuninga 3).


“From Cinderella to a Princess – Difficult Years and Doings”, Ott Sandrak awaits you in front of the Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3) and takes you to see and remember what was done and thought in the Old Town during the years of 1955–1980.


Here and there


Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)

Family morning – a cozy meet-up on the topic of nature. Ticket 6 € / 3 €.


 Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and courtyard (Uus 19)

12.00  Can the Old Town Be Family Friendly (At All)? Participants in the discussion: Kersti Nigesen, Tõnu Poopuu, Hendrik Agur, Vladimir Svet. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and courtyard (Uus 19)

13.00 A day filled with puppet theatre! THEATRE MARATHON of Estonian puppet theatres.

During the Old Town Days, UNIMA Estonia Centre (international association of puppet theatres) holds its events at the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and its courtyard on 19 Uus Street. There are 19 puppet theatres or theatres that stage plays with puppets in Estonia who belong to the aforementioned association. The programme for the theatre marathon is in preparation, but the audience will probably experience an uninterrupted programme of approximately 10 plays. You can come see the plays and leave at any time.



National costume parade of Balti Rand Union of Minorities.
Dance group Alhambra.
Gypsy dance group Sharitsa.
Show theatre Jagory.
Dance group Terek
Concert of the students of Studio Arte Flamenco.




Vinyl Market. The Soviet period (1980s to 1990s) was famous for the vinyl markets held in front of the bandstand of Harjumägi, where you could buy, exchange and record music from the open wide world. There are approximately 40 vinyl sellers, both from the old Harjumägi Vinyl Market era as well as young music lovers.


Komandandi aed

Viking camp. It will be possible to see and touch ancient-looking objects, listen to pipe music, participate in workshops, practise archery and javelin throw and see how authentically equipped warriors battle each other. Sword Fighting Society.


Hobusepea Pop-Up Courtyard (Hobusepea 2)

In the pop-up courtyard, the artists of the house present and sell their creations.

12.00–15.00 Open art studios

12.00–18.00 The DJs playing the vinyls are called Ränd Tsirkus

16.00 Tour with Jaak Juske, pre-registration:  hobusepeakaks@gmail.com

18.00 Courtyard concert with Mick Pedaja



St. Catherine’s Passage (Vene 12)
Contemporary music in St. Catherine’s Passage and in front of the St. Catherine’s Church (in case of rain, at Vene 12 Diele). Concerts:

13.00 Farištano Eller (impro piano)
14.00 Ringhold (avangard blues)
15.00 Robert Jürjendal (electro-acoustic tapestries)
16.00 Rabimilia (indie post-rock)
17.00 Argo Vals (alternative indie)


Viru Gates

Samba School Kuldõunapuu brings the vibe of the Rio de Janeiro carnival “This is a Love Story” to the streets of the old town.


Hopner House (Raekoja plats 18)

Concert of the Hobby Centre Kullo music students (piano, flute, wind orchestra, Estonian zither, violin, electric violin, instrumental ensemble).



Freedom Square, Harju and Viru Street


Fine 5 Dance Theatre. Movement installation “ON THE ROAD”, or Back. Forward. Far-Away. Close.

One group of dancers and their tribute to the past, which is dominated by stopping, meeting, passing, intertwining and leaving. Dancers: Helen Reitsnik, Simo Kruusement, Olga Privis, Laura Kvelstein, Tiina Ollesk, Endro Roosimäe, Argo Liik, Gert Preegel, Dmitri Kruus, Oleg Ostanin, Renee Nõmmik.



Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)

“A Hundred Volleys of the Century”. Presentation of the mentality of the era through poetry, short prose and dialogue-sketches.

14.00   Satirical programme from 1918–1938

15.00   Satirical programme from 1939-1959

16.00   Satirical programme from 1960-1980

17.00   Satirical programme from 1981-1991

18.00   Satirical programme from 1992-2018

Programme creator Veiko Märka, performers Lauli Otsar, Jürgen Gansen, Markus Habakukk, Ester Kuntu. Museum courtyard.



Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)

Joint concert of Hobby Centre Kullo ukulele orchestra and Pärnu Handbell Studio ensemble.



Hopner House Diele (Vanaturu kael 3)

Play Orav and Ilves, author Andrus Kivirähk.  President Ilves has invited Ivan Orav – straight from Hell – to Kadriorg Palace. The old blacksmith familiarises the expatriate president with Estonian life during the Soviet era and before that, but of course – the way he sees it.  Actors Andrus Vaarik and Kaspar Velberg. Tickets from Piletilevi and one hour before the play on site 15 €.



Adamson-Eric’s Museum (Lühike jalg 3)

Finissage of the exhibition “Art Society Pallas 100. Birth and Rebirth” with curators Ülle Kruus and Enn Lillemets. Ticket 5 € / 4 €.



Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3)

Indigolapsed Are Here Again! Tower hall of the Hometown House. Tickets 5 €, 6 €, 7 € and 10 €.

Folk culture area, Towers’ Square

11.00-16.00 Folk music group Pernu Läte
Women’s folk dance group KõkutajadFolk dance groups of Nõmme Culture CentreDance society Viisuveeretajad

Dance group Tuisuline

Women’s musical group Laulvad Liivad and folk music group Möllav Meri

Brass band of the North Estonian Association of the Blind, conductor Vello Loogna.

Rhythms of Toompea

12.00 Stories on the Terrace. Folk music group LIULI. Terrace of the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a).
13.00 Sounds of the Maiden’s Tower. Female choir Ilo from Salme Cultural Centre. Amphitheatre of the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a)
14.00 Garden Music. Folk musician Mari Tammar. Komandandi Garden.
15.00 Park Études. “The Story of the Pillory”, Tammsaare Theatre. Seven Castle Park.
16.00 Courtyard Music. Estonian zither and guitar students from the Westholm School of Music. Café-studio Bogapott (Pikk jalg 9).
17.00 Outdoor Music. Duet Preilnad. Rutu 3 courtyard.
18.00 Staircase Stories. Orchestra of the Tallinn District of the Defence League. In front of the Estonian Knighthood House (Kiriku plats 1).

Children and youth area Lahela (Toompark)



Board game workshop: new and old, old things in a new form. In spite of the era of smart phones, board games are popular and children enjoy making them as well. Kalamaja Children’s Museum Miiamilla.



Workshop on the re-use of plastic “Plastic not Fantastic”. Youth organisation Precious Plastic Estonia.

11.00-18.00 Sahadza yoga – “Get in Touch with Yourself”. Methods for young people that help with creative development and free you from stress. Sahaja Yoga Association.


The animation tent of Nukufilm’s Children’s Studio lets you try your hand at making animations, depicting the period of 1992-2018 through animation.  Come and make the old town come alive in your drawings! You can also enrol your animation in the competition for the best film.

14.00-16.00 Pop-up postcard workshop. Tallinn Russian Museum


Escape game in the Old Town “Back to the Past” (in English). 2–5 players per group. Pre-registration filip.gabor@gmail.com. Participation fee 20 € per group. MTÜ Shokkin Group.



Street games. We will run and jump, cross “ditches”, practice precision-throwing, etc. The yo-yo and other non-electronic games are becoming popular again. Tallinn City Museum.



World café on work life.  We will discuss the hottest topics of work life with career specialists. Eesti Töötukassa.


Lahela stage



Concert “A Hundred Children’s Songs”. Meero Muusik brings to the stage 100 children’s songs performed by the school’s 3- to 19-year old pupils. There will be around 300 singers on stage! A marathon concert where you can also listen to the humorous stories of Venno Loosaar in addition to the performances of vocal ensembles and soloists. 10 Meero music teachers have contributed to the concert.

17.00 Sajaga kuningaks, Puppet theatre Talleke
17.30 Upbeat country style dances. Estonia’s oldest country dance group Mustsõstraõied.
17.55 Sports club Nord

Korraldajal on õigus teha kavas muudatusi.