31 May, Under the Black Shadow (1939-1955)

Town Hall Square



Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association presents: concerts of youth orchestras.

Rapla Music School’s sinfonietta orchestra, conductors Maiken Pajupuu and Jandra Puusepp.

Põltsamaa Music School’s chamber orchestra, conductor Hiie Taks.

Tallinn Music School’s symphony orchestra and Lasnamäe Music School’s sinfonietta orchestra, conductors Ott Kask, Katrin Talmar and Hando Põldmäe.



Youth Fencing Tournament. Estonian Fencing Association organises a team competition in épée fencing between Tallinn’s fencing clubs, after which it is possible to learn about the equipment and try fencing yourself.



Ensemble Homage to Georg Ots. The young singers and jazz musicians who have graduated from G. Ots School of Music sing the songs of Georg Ots in new arrangements. Soloists: Tiina Adamson, Rahel Ollisaar, Kristina Viktoria Hedman and Mait Mikussaar.



Songs of the Forest Brothers – musical group Untsakad.



Movie Night at the open air cinema on Town Hall Square: Klaus Härö’s The Fencer (2015). A movie about the difficult choices a fencing teacher in Haapsalu has to face in post-war Estonia, a collaboration project between Estonia, Finland and Germany.

Guided tours



(in English)




“Pagari 1 – A Building as a Silent Witness”, KGB prison cells (Pikk 59). During the Soviet occupation, the basement of this building housed the most notorious and feared pre-trial detention facility. It was a silent and immediate witness to the crimes committed during hostile regimes. Pre-registration broneering@okupatsioon.ee or by phone 6660045. Ticket 4 €. Museum of Occupations.

13.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
“A Hundred Steps on the Way to School”, the young tour guides from Old Town Educational College will be on the streets: from Vene Street to Vanaturu kael; from Vene Street to Olevimägi; from Viru Street to Uus Street. Start at 22 Vene Street.
16.00-17.30 Footsteps_icon.svg
“The Heritage of World War II in the Old Town” (1939–1954), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee
17.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
“To Go, to Remember, to Think of Harju Street” with Jaak Juske. Meeting on Kullassepa Street towards the Town Hall end. Hometown House.


“Nasledije II mirovoi voinõ v starom gorode” (1939–1954), introduced by Jüri Kuuskemaa (in Russian). Pre-registration ekskursioonid@vanalinnapaevad.ee

18.30 Footsteps_icon.svg
“A Hundred Steps of History”, an excursion led by Ivar Leimus, retracing various historic events on the street of Börsi käik, and a concert in the courtyard of the Great Guild Hall. Pre-registration post@ajaloomuuseum.ee or by phone 6968690. Ticket 3 €. Estonian History Museum: Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17).


12.00-13.00 “Jams and Sugar Bowls” – a lecture on sugar consumption in Estonia. Estonian Healthcare Museum.
12.00-17.00 “Travelling Library” or pop-up library. Games, puzzles, a treasure hunt and building of the model of old town together. Tallinn Central Library.
14.00-18.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Photo corner. Travel back in time to 1939-1955. You can put on the clothes from that era and let the photographer capture it. Photographer Ruben Igitkhanyan. Photo 5 €.


Escape game in the Old Town “Back to the Past” (in English). 2–5 players per group. Pre-registration filip.gabor@gmail.com. Participation fee 20 € per group. MTÜ Shokkin Group.


Performers include the International Association of National Cultural Societies Lüüra

Orchestra of the Tallinn District of the Defence League

TTK University of Applied Sciences dance group Savijalakesed

Here and there


Viru Gates

“My Town and Childhood”, procession of kindergartens and opening of the exhibition.

The procession moves from the Viru Gates through the Town Hall Square and on to Harju Street.

The exhibition showcases children’s drawings.


Tallinn Georg Ots School of Music gate stage programme (Vabaduse väljak 4, courtyard)

12.00 “Rhythms, Rhythms” – rhythmic music bands
13.30 “Let’s Blow” – saxophone quartet, wind quintet and other wind instrument ensembles
15.00 “Golden Classics” – concert for strings, classical song, piano and other specialities
16.30 “Pictures from the Exhibition” from baroque to rock – M. Punder Band


Komandandi Garden

Viking camp. It will be possible to see and touch ancient-looking objects, listen to pipe music, participate in workshops, practise archery and javelin throw and see how authentically equipped warriors battle each other. Sword Fighting Society.


13.00-17.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Museum of Photography (Raekoja 4/6)
Orienteering game “In Search of the Lost Old Town”. Participants set out to search for the buildings, gates and streets that were destroyed on 9 March 1944. Orienteering starts from the Museum of Photography. Additional information foto@linnamuuseum.ee or by phone 6448767.

Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)

“Stepping Through Several Centuries”, concert by Ene Nael’s harpsichord students. Ticket 5 € / 2 €.


Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)

Hobby Centre Kullo flute club concert (teacher Maris Lend).



Freedom Square

Think Tank: Dealing with Complex Heritage. Participants in the discussion: Kaarel Truu, Vladimir Svet, Endrik Mänd, Ivan Sergejev, Margit Mutso, Karin Paulus, Margit Kilumets. Freedom Square; in case of rain, the discussion will be held at the Museum of the Popular Front (Vabaduse väljak 9).



Hopner House (Raekoja plats 18)

Play The Jolly Members of the Estonian Theatre, Theatre Varius. Every regime needs theatre and music. The beloved singers and actors from the time of the first republic – Paul Pinna, Alfred Sällik, Benno Hansen – continue their theatrical work under the black shadow. Author and producer Heidi Sarapuu. Actors Rene Soom, Priit Volmer, Urmas Põldma, Peeter Kaljumäe and Lii Tedre. Tickets from Piletilevi and one hour before the play on site 12 €.


Courtyard of Toom-Rüütli 10

“The Voice of Summer”, performance by BONZO. Tickets from Piletilevi and one hour before the concert on site 15 € / 12 €.



IV floor of the Kuldjala Tower (Gümnaasiumi 1a), entry through the Nun’s Tower

“C-Jam at the Kuldjala Tower vol. 8” Buy a ticket to access the wall and a ticket for the concert ( 5 €, 6 €, 7 €, 10 €). Hometown House


Piip and Tuut Playhouse (Toom-Kooli 13)

Wordless performance by clowns “Piip and Tuut in the Kitchen”, suitable for the entire family starting from age 5. Tickets from Piletilevi 11 €.


The courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)

Singing together with the men’s archaic song group Lüü-Türr. A while ago, it was a tradition during the Old Town Days to gather in the courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History after a busy day and sing together. We are doing it again. Song sheets for singing along are available on site.


Old Town Music House (Uus 16)

“Many-layered Reval”, performances by Jüri Kotshinev, Jaak Johanson, Krista Citra Joonas and the students of the Old Town Educational College Music School.


St. John’s Church (Vabaduse väljak 1)

Concert “Timeless Pattern”, Redel Ruudus and Mirjam Kivisild. Percussion and vocals.


Folk culture area, Towers’ Square

16.00-18.00 Performances by the song, dance, theatre and folklore groups of the Russian Educational and Charitable Associations Union in Estonia: theatre club Junost, children’s vocal studio Nupukesed, dance group Terpsichore, children’s vocal studio Allegro, folk music group Mlada and Ljubava, Ukrainian folk music group Dibrova.



14.00-17.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
Workshop on the art of writing “Advertising Script and the Writing Nib”. Supervised by the graphic designer Ilmar Vallikivi. Pre-registration adamson-eric@ekm.ee or by phone 6445838. Ticket 5 € / 4 €. Art Museum of Estonia: Adamson-Eric’s Museum (Lühike jalg 3).
14.00-16.00 Footsteps_icon.svg
“Black-and-White Hand Prints”. The Museum of Photography shows you how to make black-and-white photos. Ticket 2 € / 1 €. Tallinn City Museum: Museum of Photography (Raekoja 4/6).
16.00-20.00 Helina Tilk’s porcelain painting workshops. Prices of the porcelain to be painted range from 3 € to 20 €. (Pikk 41/1).