11.00-18.00 St. Catherine’s Guild (Vene 12)
The rooms of St. Catherine’s Guild are open from We–Sun 11–18.
“A Hundred Years of the Art Scene” can be seen in St. Catherine’s Passage on the exterior walls of St. Catherine’s Guild. The artists of the Guild present the history of the 100-year old art scene at 12 Vene Street: the legendary Langebraun porcelain factory, which operated as the porcelain department of ESSR Kunstifondi Kombinaat ARS after nationalization, after which the ESSR National Youth Theatre moved in with its sewing workshop. Estonian applied artists took up residence in the open studio gallery of St. Catherine’s Guild in 1995 and remain there in the rooms of 12 Vene Street today. We will introduce the history of creative activities on three topics: people, environment, creations.
11.00-18.00 St. Catherine’s Guild (Vene 12)
The rooms of St. Catherine’s Guild are open from We–Sun 11–18.“City Legends”

Every room that has stood in the same place for a hundred years has its legends. Thus, you will find the rooms of St. Catherine’s Guild filled with memories of being and going. The stories are on the walls of the guild’s rooms: in the jewellery design room, stories of Eduard Vilde, in the textile work room of Raimond Valgre and concerning the symbol of the Old Town Days, the anchor, in the ceramics.

11.00-18.00 St. Catherine’s Guild (Vene 12)
The rooms of St. Catherine’s Guild are open from We–Sun 11–18.“Exhibition of Langebraun Porcelain Rarities”

From egg cups to soup bowls, from hand-painted porcelain to transferred images, a homely collection from Estonian homes. In the leatherwork studio of St. Catherine’s Guild.


Bremen Tower (Bremeni käik 1)

“Vignettes of the Bremen Prison Tower”

The Bremen Prison Tower has acquired a new lease of life after renovation. Two artists are planning to add spatial elements to the tower to show the shadows of time. The vignettes created by artists Kaire Tali and Pille Kivihall help to bring history to life and create a visual contact with old tales.

Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)
“From the Children of Kullo for the Birthday of Estonia”The annual exhibition of the art groups of Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo.

Viru Gates

“My Town and Childhood”

Exhibition of drawings of kindergarteners.

Börsi Passage

Eesti Post exhibition “A Hundred Years of Love Letters”

This exhibition allows the visitors get a glimpse of love on paper that has consoled Estonians during the difficult times of the last 100 years and made long distances appear shorter. Come and experience true love that did not know smart phones. The exhibition was prepared as a collaboration project between Omniva, Estonian people and the Estonian National Museum.

Freedom Square

Photo exhibition “Then and Now”

Take a look at century-old photographs from Tallinn City Archives and National Archives and compare the places depicted on them with what we see today. Some places are instantly recognisable, while others have changed beyond recognition. The exhibition was prepared as a collaboration project between Tallinn Department of Culture and Tallinn City Archives.


Tallinn City Museum (Vene 17)

A Hundred Years of Everyday Life

This exhibition makes a stop after every ten years in Estonia’s 100 years of history and looks at how far we have come. The focus is not so much on depicting each decade, but the signs of the times from the years ending with the number 8. What has this hundred years looked like from the perspective of the everyday life of a citizen of Tallinn? How has the city space changed? How did people hear the news, keep in touch, entertain themselves and dress?

Ticket: 4 € / 3 €


Tallinn City Museum: Museum of Photography (Raekoja 4/6)

Permanent exhibition “Aerodromes of Tallinn 1916–1944”

The history of the first three aerodromes of Tallinn unfolds through the photos shown at the exhibition.

Hirohisa Koike “Nõmmegraphy” (24.05.–09.07.2018)

You can look at the photographic thoughts of this Japanese photographer on life in the Nõmme district of Tallinn.

The summer exhibition is focused on the photographs taken at the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia on 24 February 1938.
Ticket 2 € / 1 €.


Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12)

International caricature exhibition “Jubilee – Republic of Estonia 100” organised by the Estonian Humour Union is open on I floor and in the courtyard.

Permanent exhibition “Stories and Songs”

Exhibition on Estonian history, focusing on music and theatre.

Ticket 5 € / 2 €.


Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3) exhibitions are open on all days from 11 to 19.

Sirje Maris Horma. From Shadows to Light”

The story of how the students of the Estonian Academy of Art restored her paintings (Kuldjala Tower, II floor).

“Things Connected with the Old Town Days”

(Kuldjala Tower, I floor).

“Colours of Estonia – Blue, Black and White”

Posters by the pupils of Tondi Basic School in the cellar hall of the Hometown House.

“Mudist in the Sky, Hometown Clouds”

The graphics of Peeter Mudist from private collections in the stone hall of the Hometown House.


Art Museum of Estonia: Adamson-Eric’s Museum (Lühike jalg 3)

Permanent exhibition of the work of Adamson-Eric (1902-1968).

Exhibition “Art Society Pallas 100. Birth and Rebirth”

Ticket 5 € / 4 €.


Art Museum of Estonia: St. Nicholas Museum (Niguliste 3)

Exhibition Silver Documents. Artisan Pendant Shields from 17th to 19th Centuries” (02.03.2017–26.08.2018).

The exhibition introduces the different functions of pendant shields and gives an overview of their artistic development through the centuries.

Exhibition “Five Forgotten Paintings” (15.09.2017–26.08.2018).

This exhibition brings to the viewer five large religious paintings from the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia that have never been exhibited before. The goal of the exhibition is to reveal, layer by layer, the origin and fate of the paintings, created during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ticket 6 € / 5 €.

 30 May
10.00-17.0031 May

1 -3 June

Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29)

Permanent exhibitions tell stories of Estonian nature. You can have an enriching experience at the Hall of the Sea and Rivers, the Hall of Geology and the Hall of the Forests. In the Room of Discoveries you can touch, hear, watch and smell the world as animals sense it.

Temporary exhibition “Our Baltic Sea” (20.01.–30.09.2018).

This exhibition invites you to explore the bottom of the Baltic sea from half a million years ago to the present day, introducing the movement of the Estonian area, the plants and animals that lived here and how climate has changed.
Ticket 6 € / 3 €.

 30 May-1 June  10.00-18.00

Estonian History Museum: Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17)

Permanent exhibition “Spirit of Survival. 11,000 Years of Estonian History”

Temporary exhibition “Whose Religion is Correct? 500 Years Since the Reformation”

Ticket: 6 € / 3 €

 30 May-1 June 12.00-17.00

2 June

Eesti Pank Museum (Estonia pst 11)

The permanent exhibition focuses on everything related to a central bank and its work. Here you can test your knowledge on how to check that the money is genuine, forecast economic developments, manage foreign assets of the central bank. The feel of the era is created by the waxworks of the cultural figures who appeared on the Estonian kroon and who have entertaining conversations with each other at the museum. Of course you can see the money that was in use, the models for making it and Estonia’s historic gold bullion from 1922.


Helios Hall Tallinn (Sauna 1-3)

Multimedia art exhibition Monet2Klimt. The exhibition allows you to see more than 140 world-famous artworks by artists such as Oscar Claude Monet, Gustav Klim, and Vincent Willem van Gogh. The exhibition is a fusion of ultra-modern high tech and an innovative approach to form, but also to classic art and its best examples.

Tickets -30%.