If you come to Tallinn Old Town Days by car, know that many parking lots will be closed from 7 to 9 p.m. park at a special price in June. Snabb and Ühisteendues offer cheaper parking under the conditions below.


A special price applies to all visitors of Tallinn Old Town Days when parking with the Snabb app:

  • 50% cheaper parking in the X1 Kaarli pst 2 parking lot next to Freedom Square, new price €1.9/h and €10/24h. X1 Kaarli pst 2 parklas, uus hind 1.9€/h ja 10€/24h.

Promo code: VLP50

In addition, the discount also applies to all visitors in the following Snabb parking lots:

  • 30% cheaper parking in the X4 Tallinn Real School parking lot on G. Otsa street, new price €2.1/h, €7/24h.
  • 30% cheaper parking in the X50 Niine tn 1 parking lot on Niine street, new price €1.05/h, €4.13/24h.
  • 30% cheaper parking in the X104 Väike Rannavärava 4 parking lot on Väike Rannavärava street, new price 1.4€/h, 5.6€/24h.

Promo code: VLP30

To activate the discount, enter the desired discount code in the "Bonuses" box in the Snabb app before starting parking. The entered code is then automatically applied to the next parking. The offer is valid from June 7-9, 2024.


 As part of the Tallinn Old Town Days, the price of a daily ticket in the parking lots below is only €5:

  • Rannamäe road 5 parking lot
  • Pärnu mnt 22 parking garage

How to get a discount?

  • Via the mobile application Parkner, under the search, enter the discount code VLP and then start parking. NB! Don't forget to stop parking! VLP ja seejärel alusta parkimist. NB! Ära unusta parkimine lõpetada!
  • Through our website -> Buy a parking permit -> Pärnu mnt. 22 parking garage or Rannamäe tee 5 -> Select period -> Enter car number -> Use discount code VLP. VLP.
  • Mobiilsel parkimisel kasuta tsooni VLP. Saada SMS numbrile 1902 -> Kirjuta sõnumisse auto reg.-nr ja tsoon VLP (näit. 123ABC VLP). Parkimise lõpetamiseks helista numbril 1903. Iga alustatud 24h maksab 5€.

The parking lot is operated by AS Ühisteenused, information by phone 6 511 515 or

Or come by public transport or bicycle instead!

You can find information about bicycle parking lots in the city center here.



Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner