Come and sell at Tallinn's Old Town Days

At the Tallinn Old Town Days in early June, some reorganizations and changes are expected, which this year's traders must also take into account. Since the location of the main stage has also been moved to Harju street this year, trading will take place on a smaller scale on Niguliste street and Ed.Vilde square.

When shopping, preference is given to domestic goods and handicrafts - all that special stuff that you just can't get from a supermarket. Since there are fewer trading places this year, the Government of Tallinn City Center takes the right to make choices regarding the range of goods (in particular, we choose different groups of goods, we exclude amber products, as there are several shops in the vicinity of our trading place in the old town, which offer the said goods, etc.).

The district government predictably apologizes to all traders who do not turn out to be chosen this time.

About the issuance of the application:

  • Acceptance of applications starts on 10.04.2024 and ends on 10.05.2024. Subsequent applications will not be processed.
  • Laadi alla taotluse vorm müügiloa väljastamiseks HERE.
  • Please attach a (color) photo of the item to the application, the application will not be processed if there is no photo.
  • Applications should be submitted to the e-mail address or on paper to the business sector of the district government.
  • After May 10 (by May 20 at the latest), the district will notify traders who were chosen to trade on the days of the old town. Then the selected trader must submit an electronic application in the AKIS program. If the trader has submitted an application through the AKIS program, the district starts the corresponding procedure and issues a sales permit electronically through the said program.

Conditions for trading:

1. The trade organizer, Tallinn Central City Government, determines the trading places and the corresponding position plan is posted on the Old Town Days website:

2. Trading takes place on Niguliste street and Ed. Vilde square.

3. Kauplemiseks väljastab linnaosa valitsus müügiload, mis on elektroonilised.

4. Trading time from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

In the morning, goods can be delivered by car until 10:00 a.m. The goods must be unloaded quickly, and after that the car must be moved from the trading area immediately. After 10:00 a.m., the car may not park at the trading place.

The removal of the goods must be done quickly, must not cause traffic jams.

4.1 TRAFFIC - see the traffic scheme (bringing and taking goods) immediately before the Old Town Days on the website:

4.2 Parking - information about nearby parking lots:

5. The need to store the goods must be taken into account when displaying the goods. Use suitable floor-length sheets/covers to conceal merchandise and personal items. Clothing must match the exterior of the old town.

6. Handicraft products (souvenirs related to Estonia and Tallinn, leather goods, consumer art, ceramics, etc.) and other domestic products (vegetable crisps, oat cookies, etc.) are preferred. The sale of objects bearing the national or military symbols of foreign countries, products with inciting symbols and souvenirs not related to Estonian national art (for example: matryoshka dolls, etc.) is not allowed. The trade organizer reserves the right to make choices regarding the assortment of goods, what is permitted and what is not (for example, the number of traders with linen and woolen products is limited, etc.).

7. It is the trader's responsibility to remove the inventory (tent, table, etc.) and goods every evening. The organizer is not responsible for goods or inventory.

The trading place must remain clean after moving the inventory. The trader must also ensure cleanliness around the trading place during the entire trading period.

8. When installing sales inventory (tents, sales tables, etc.), the paving of the city facility must not be damaged. When installing the inventory, take into account the fact that in windy and rainy weather, it is necessary to use appropriate weights when setting up the inventory, which ensures safety in trading.

9. The trader must be present at 8:00 a.m. on the first trading day, and no later than 9:00 a.m. on the following days. If the trader is not present, the organizer has the right to make changes in the placement of trading places.

10. The trader must trade on all three days (a shorter trading period is not accepted).

11. Trading inventory can be either a sales tent with dimensions of 3m x 3m (pastel colors) or a sales table with a maximum length of 3m +, if desired, a shade (pastel color) that does not exceed the dimensions of the table.

12. The price of the sales permit is €60 (3 days x €20), the price does not include VAT.

13. The district government is based on the rules and restrictions established by the Crisis Committee of the Government of the Republic of Estonia, the Board of Health and other authorities when organizing trading, and accordingly makes changes in the organization of trading if necessary.


Additional information:
Marika Pärn
+372 645 7226

See you at the Old Town Days!

Tallinn City Government


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner