Estonian Wildlife center

Lahela (Snelli park) Nunne 17 / Toompark, Tallinn

They talk to the children about wild animals and the work of their association, do conversation rounds and show the children pictures / videos of the wild animal wards. They also give quizzes to children and give away prizes.

AS Tallinna Vesi

Lahela (Snelli park) Nunne 17 / Toompark, Tallinn

The children area will be visited by the mascot Tilgu, quizzes will be held and water tests organized. The water tests will dig into the occurrence of blockages, demonstrating how the toilet paper dissolves in the water and how kitchen towels and pocket tissues do not, also, waste water samples will be shown.

Science and bubble show by Mullimeister

Lahela (Snelli park) Nunne 17 / Toompark, Tallinn

Fun and exciting performance aimed at all the children, youths, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. There is no age restriction and everybody is welcome to experience a show during which the children and youths can discover science and see various exciting tests. But that is not all – in addition to science, everyone can try their hand at making bubbles that are truly big or even extra big!

Let’s Make a Band Adorned with Old Patterns

Kodulinna Maja Gümnaasiumi 3, Tallinn

Maimu Johanson will introduce the techniques and stories of making national woven. Participants can learn to make a hand band or a bookmark or for any other use. Participation fee is 3 euros.

Early Music in the Old Town. Concert Love, Wine, and Medicine. They Cure and Make You Sick by RONDELLUS.

Tallinna raekoda Raekoja plats 1, Tallinn

"Early music ensemble RONDELLUS invites everyone to the Town Hall to enjoy the concert Love, Wine, and Medicine. As the saying goes, “It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. So it is with all three – love, wine, and medicine. They can cure you, lift you up and give you wings. But they can just as easily hurt you, make you sick, and create the feeling life has nothing more to offer. Medieval and renaissance love and drinking songs and dances. Rondellus Maria Staak – vocals, hurdy-gurdy Johann-Maria Jaama – vielle Johannes Christopher Staak – vocals, recorders, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy Robert Staak – lute, percussions" 5 June at 3 AM in Tallinn Town Hall


Concert-workshop of mechanical instruments When the Machines Still Sang

Teatri- ja Muusikamuuseum Müürivahe Tänav 12, Tallinn

6/3 euros with the museum ticket Max number of people: 20 Let’s have a peek into the old mechanical instruments. We’ll find out how they work, how they have evolved over time, and for what purposes was mechanical music used in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th. During the program, we will create a musical piece for the crank organ Raffin-31. The workshop is suitable for the whole family.

3€ – 6€

Sylvain Oulala

Viru väravad Viru tänav, Tallinn

Sylvain's show is full of energy! He will amaze you with his great juggling and unicycle skills. But he is more than just a capable circus performer - he is unpredictable, speaks a strange Estonian language and also involves the audience in the performance. Sylvain's audience goes into his magical world - they laugh out loud and applaud spontaneously. Come see, giggle and enjoy the atmosphere of this unusual show!

Curator’s tour on the exhibition The Music Garden. Hortus Musicus 50

Suurgildi hoone Pikk 17, Tallinn

Algus: Suurgildi hoone, lõpp: Eesti Teatri- ja Muusikamuuseum 8/6 euros with the museum ticket with preregistration. We will have a walk on the freshly opened exhibition of the Estonian History Museum accompanied by the exhibition’s curator Jaanika Juhanson. She will introduce us how the exposition came to be and tell stories of various moments in the band’s life. This is a rare opportunity to see the exhibition the same way its creators do.

6€ – 8€

Concert Veni Creator Spiritus by HEINAVANKER.

Oleviste kiriku Maarja kabel Lai 50, Tallinn

Murmurs from heaven, the tongues of fire, the sound of foreign tongues, metanoia, and pouring out the fruit of the Spirit – moments filled with amazing surprises. On the day of Pentecost AD 2022 we will sing to celebrate the birth of Christianity and will raise our voices in great hope: “Come, Creator Spirit – Veni Creator Spiritus”.


Raekoja plats Raekoja plats 1, Tallinn

Kukerpillid is an Estonian folk ensemble. The ensemble was formed in 1972. He began his long career appearing on the TV show "Ervin Abeli sou" on April 1. The name of the band was invented by Heino Mikiver. The repertoire of rock instruments includes Estonian folk songs, country, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, folk songs of different nations as well as lor songs. Lots of original creations and adaptations of old forgotten songs are performed. Kukerpillid has participated in children's programs and made music for theater and television. Rock instruments have also been performed in many foreign countries.

Short concert The Brass Instrument of Müürivahe

Teatri- ja Muusikamuuseum Müürivahe Tänav 12, Tallinn

Free. The sounds of brass instruments that drift to you from the balcony of the museum will create a whole new dimension for the bustling street. For a spell, Müürivahe – one of the busiest streets in the Old Town – will become a happier and more festive place. A place where to stop for a moment. The sounds will also invite you step into the museum as every short concert marks the beginning of a new exciting music or theatre event.


Theatre Studio Poeesia Sõpruskond presents: King Lear and His Children

Neitsitorni amfiteater Lossi plats 11/Lühike jalg 9a, Tallinn

Musical farce in Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, and English. Poetry by William Shakespeare, Osip Mandelstam, Marina Tsvetaeva, Joseph Brodsky, and Jelena Skulskaja. Dramatist and director Jelena Skulskaja. Choreographers: P. and J. Zavadski, A. Jevnovitš. Starring: A. Jevnovitš, K. Oskilko, S. Žogal, A. Larin, D. Sokolov, N. Anikin, K. Kiss, K. Kopti, J. Suškevitš, I. Piljukov.

“Rainbow-Coloured Sexcursion”

Linnaelumuuseum Vene 17, Tallinn, Harjumaa

Ticket 9 euros, presale tickets at Fienta So far, our sexcursions that have accompanied the exhibition Indecent Tallinn have taken a closer look on the history of sexual behaviour and focused on prostitution and extramarital relationships, but have neglected sexual minorities. Rainbow-Coloured Sexcursion is about to remedy that. The tour will shed light on how sexual minorities were regarded in the past and what is known of their history, hus providing a historical context for a topic that sparks active discussions today and remains awaiting solutions and understanding.

Love in Music and Stories. Storyteller and Multi-Instrumentalist Polina Tšerkassova’s Concert Play for Grown-Ups

Teatri- ja Muusikamuuseum Müürivahe Tänav 12, Tallinn

6/3 euros with the museum ticket (the number of seats is limited) Buy here. Polina Tšerkassova on jutuvestja, multiinstrumentalist ja antropoloog, kes põimib kaugetelt maadelt toodud tõsielulugusid ja muinasjutte oma muusikaga, mida ta esitab erinevatel haruldastel pillidel. Ta ütleb, et muinasjutte vajavad eelkõige täiskasvanud. Polina esineb tihti nii koolides ja lasteaedades, kui ka suurtel konverentsidel ja start-up’idel, ning räägib lugusid erinevatel teemadel ja erinevale publikule. Kuid iga kord on tema etteasted kordumatu sooja õhkkonnaga.  Polinal on ilmunud kolm jutuvestmise audioraamatut tema autorimuusikaga. Tema esimene heliraamat “Helisevad muinaslood” nomineeriti Eesti Kultuurikapitali kirjanduse aastapreemiale. Detsembris valmib tema uus heliraamat “Suurte jõgede muinaslood”. Pilet tagab enne etendust sissepääsu püsinäitusele “Lood ja laulud”.

3€ – 6€

Experience show Blind Poetry Bar

Suurgildi hoone kelder Pikk 17

Tickets 12/15 euros (with preregistration) The cellar of Great Guild Hall, where a wine bar Magus Auk used to be, will be the meeting place for wine, poetry, music and… darkness. The blind and vision-impaired people’s amateur theatre Terateater of the North Estonian Association of the Blind in cooperation with the association’s ensemble invite you to experience an adventure without sight, where Estonian poems about love and drinking will be recited, songs will be sung by the ensemble, and snacks and drinks will be enjoyed by feeling. During the event, the audience will be blindfolded and move from one room to another accompanied by a guide. The snacks and drinks are included in the ticket price.  The museum is open longer than usual: 10 AM – 7 PM

Jaak Juske’s ghost tour

Kodulinna Maja Gümnaasiumi 3, Tallinn

In the dusk of the night, we will explore the most famous haunted sites in the Old Town. Does the realm of the spirits actually exist, or is it merely the sum of our fears? We will also have time for other exciting stories about the old Tallinn.