Little ballet students of Tallinn Nõmme Hobby School

Lahela (Snelli park) Nunne 17 / Toompark, Tallinn

On Lahela stage. The ballet classes of Nõmme Hobby School have dance-loving students in every age – starting with 4-year-olds and ending with grown-ups. The stage of the Old Town Days will see various dance acts performed by our youngest students and by those who are a bit older.

Dance group of Dancéda Studio

Lahela (Snelli park) Nunne 17 / Toompark, Tallinn

Introducing the new dance studio Dancéda that opened its doors in the beginning of summer 2021. The studio invites children as well as adults to try various dance styles, one of the most remarkable of which is HulaHoop Dance – practised nowhere else in Estonia. The stage will welcome several groups of the studio who will perform show dances as well as hula hoop dances.

HipHop Heels

Viru 1 Viru 1, Tallinn

We are a HipHop Heels dance group from Dance Gene Studio! Hiphop heels have a passionate and liberal, yet feminine and flowing style. Feminine hip hop in heels Supervisor: Marlen Peeba.