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KULNO MALVA. A musical-visual journey in the lost church of the Old Town.

4. June 2022 @ 17:00 - 18:20


“Kulno Malva, who is a folk musician, accordionist, and composer, proves that an accordion is not only an instrument for joyful parties but also suitable for peaceful reflection and relaxation.
He has created several solo pieces in which he seeks depth, tranquillity, and perception, creating music that uses the magic of repetition.
Pieces from Kulno Malva’s album Akordionimeditatsioonid (Accordion Meditations, 2021) will be played at the concert. It is the third solo album for Kulno Malva who is constantly in search of his own sound.
As Kulno himself says: “There is very personal music on this album, music that touches me deeply and takes me on a journey. Music that encourages deep relaxation.” “Kulno Malva’s style is unique and distinctive. His work relies on basso ostinato, repetition of motives, alternation and agglomeration of timbres. Delicate clusters that tickle your senses combined with safe, carefree and easy dynamics create a unique environment in which time loses all significance and music takes all responsibility for the hyperreality into which the listener is pulled.” Tarmo Noormaa, magazine Muusika, May 2021
“Most of all, Akordionimeditatsioonid allows us to take time. This can already be seen by the lengths of the pieces that are truly impressive – the very first work on the album is 11-minutes long. One by one, this is followed by pieces using motives that sound almost like mantras, and it may well happen that after listening to a song or two you will find yourself humming along the same tunes while washing the dishes or going shopping.” Kaisa Kuslapuu, Müürileht, May 2021
Kulno Malva has played in groups Svjata Vatra, Nikns Suns, Lepaseree, Hajameelsed Kunznikud, Duo Malva & Kirsipu, Duo Malva & Priks. Since 2018, he has been playing in Riffarrica.”


Püha Katariina kirik
Vene 14a
Tallinn, 10140 Eesti
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