Rondellus' ensemble of early music performs Medieval Pilgrimage Songs from Spain and France

"Maria Staak (vocals, wheelchair), Johanna-Maria Jaama (fiddle), Robert Staak (lauto, percussion), Johannes Christopher Staak (vocals, block flute, bagpipe, wheel lyre).

Numerous pilgrimage songs and collections have survived from the Middle Ages. These are the songs that pilgrims sang or heard sung during their long, sometimes even years-long journeys. At the same time, songs with religious content were also intended to entertain tired migrants, give them new strength and uplift their spirits, and they were also sung as a pastime in the churchyard. Rondellus was formed by Maria and Robert Staak in 1993 to perform and promote medieval and renaissance music. All members of the group are professional musicians with years of experience in Estonia’s finest early music groups. Rondellus’ repertoire includes both sacred and secular music ranging from Gregorian chants to love and drinking songs and instrumental dances, including music of the trouvères and troubadours, works by Hildegard of Bingen, Guillaume Machaut, Josquin Des Pres and others.

The concert is public program of the exhibition „There and back. The pilgrimages of Livonians in Medieaval Europe“.

Ticket 15/10€ allows you to look around the museum.

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Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner