On June 9, the high-level taiko drum ensemble TeamEn (Yosuke Oda, Abe Kazunari, and Miku Shibata) and the Liisi Koison Trio (Liisi Koison - vocals, Raun Juurikas - keyboards, Martin Petermann - percussion) will take the stage.

TeamEn - will come out with a new program in 2024, introducing Japanese traditional music and culture to a wider audience in Estonia and Finland. TeamEn also collaborates with Liisi Koikson, where a beautiful female voice harmonizes wonderfully with mystical Japanese drums and flute. The Nordic countries are intertwined with Japan.

In Japan, taiko drums are believed to have spiritual meaning and purifying power. It is these instruments that are used in Shinto rituals.


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner