The Charm of Saaremaa in the Heart of Tallinn

Step into the magical world of a lively and diverse concert, where the essence of Saaremaa blends with contemporary music! The program offers something for everyone, from traditional kantele music to a jazz concert. Come meet the Village Musician of the Year 2024, enjoy Saaremaa melodies, and feel as if you're on a distant seaside island, right in the heart of Tallinn. Awaken your senses with accordion and song, and experience the true charm of Saaremaa. Invite your friends and family and spend a wonderful day filled with music, joy, and Saaremaa treasures crafted by hand! Under the guidance of Meelis Mereäär, the program includes:

12.00   Opening Words - Koit Voojärv

12.15   Orissaare and Valjala "Kannelnäpud," led by Õie Pärtel

13.00   Saaremaa Simman Dance Club and Karmoshka Ensemble "Meite Moodi," led by Eena Mark/Reet Piirsalu

14.00   Village Musician of the Year 2024 - Tõnu Eermann

15.00   Taritu Men's Ensemble, led by Reet Laht

15.30   Simmu Mats with accordion and song

16.15   Jazz Duo Pille-Rite Rei and Kusti Lemba


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner