Pille-Rite Rei and Jaan Jaanson: "A trip of discovery"

Pille-Rite Rei – vocals / piano / saxophone
Jaan Jaanson - guitars

On the last evening of Tallinn's Old Town Days, in the Adventist Church can hear the music of Pilvi Karu and Pille-Rite Rei, inspired by the beautiful works of Estonian poets. Melodies that support the journey of thought fly the listener from a hot pot to deep waters, from freezing temperatures to unbearable heat, from silence to madness... and back to peace.

Pilvi and Pille-Rite's creative collaboration began four years ago during the recording of the album "Padrikus", where Pille-Rite sang songs written by Pilvi. The journey that started with the record continues and both creators have created several new songs, the arrangements of which this summer will get fresh colors and vibrations by including strings. We capture these moments and record them on audio.

In the concert program "Avastusretked", both published and unpublished songs from both composers will be performed in an intimate and chamber performance for voice, saxophone, guitar and piano.

Feel free to make a donation to support the making of a new album.




Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner