16.15 Laulab Rafael Sharafetdinov

16.25 Vokaalstuudio Kuldne Pääsuke (juhendaja Elena Kolomiytseva)

16.45 Rahvatantsuansambel Jun-Ost (juhendajad Natalja Mõttus, Liudmila Turajeva)

17.25 Folklooriansambel Suprjadki ja Vladimir Tserdakov (juhendaja Marina Kuvaitseva)

18.00 Rahvatantsuansambel Jun-Ost (juhendajad Natalja Mõttus, Liudmila Turajeva)

18.20 Vokaalstuudio Kuldne Pääsuke (juhendaja Elena Kolomiytseva)

"As part of Tallinn's Old Town Days, we invite enthusiasts to enjoy the rich cultural music and dances offered by the city of Narva.

The concert will be opened by Rafael Sharafetdinov, the leader of the Narva Tatar Cultural Society, with a song in the Tatar language. Rafael is a popular singer and public figure in Narva.

Next, talented young soloists from the Golden Swallow Vocal Studio will take the stage. Located in Narva, the Golden Swallow Vocal Studio provides academic and pop vocal training for children aged 5-19. The studio, under the guidance of Elena Kolomiytseva, is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. Performances include music in Italian, French, and other languages.

Following them, the renowned folk dance ensemble Jun-Ost will continue the program. Directed by Natalja Mõttus and Liudmila Turajeva, Jun-Ost is Narva's most versatile collective, with about 100 members celebrating its 56th anniversary this year.

The highlight of the concert is a joint performance by the folk ensemble Suprjadki and Vladimir Tšerdakov. Under the direction of Marina Kuvaitseva, Suprjadki preserves folklore traditions, incorporating Estonian and Russian folk customs. Vladimir Tšerdakov, a musician and lyricist, is known for writing books and leading various bands, including the famous rock band Avenue.

Without these ensembles, Narva's cultural life would be unimaginable.
The audience will have the opportunity to experience their creativity and immerse themselves in cultural diversity."


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner