Children's and youth affairs flea market

On June 9, from 14:00 to 17:00, we are waiting for you at the Children's and Youth Affairs Flea Market! Bring your stuff to sell. Bags, jackets, dresses, jeans... everything you have that is no longer relevant or a bit boring but deserves a second chance! Bring your clothes that you no longer wear and find something new to replace them.

All things deserve a second chance. Put your things in good hands, who will find a new, unique story in them. To participate, we welcome parents with children aged 7-13 years, and young people independently from the age of 14. Clothes must be clean, in good condition, and healthy. You can take up to 15 items with you.

You can register until May 25. Information for registrants: We will be waiting for you at 13:00 to prepare the flea market.
Contact person: +3725514735



Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner