It is full of humor show based on a traditional Bulgarian folklore fairytale about a man who wants to find a good and caring wife for himself. He chooses a rather strange but clever way to do it. He goes with his donkey from village to village and offers an exchange of nice fresh juicy plums for house garbage. Lots of women come with piles of dirt, thinking that the man is crazy.
At the very end, a modest and beautiful girl appears without garbage because in her house she can not find any – her home is very clean. The man is so happy and chooses her as his beloved bride.

Written and directed by PETAR TODOROV

Design of Puppets and Props by HANNAH SCHWARTZ

Choice of music by DESISLAVA MINCHEVA


Duration: 45 min

Language: nonverbal

Tickets Piletilevis


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner