11.00-13.00   Morning organic yoga with Kadriann Tamme and Ene Kuri

12.00-14.00   We will paint summer on silk according to Aino Jakob's teaching

13.00-15.00   Kaie Pärn helps to lay the glass mosaic

14.00-16.00   Liis Sannik teaches how to make macrame

15.00-17.00   Külli Viil introduces loom and rag rug weaving

16.00-18.00   You can braid braids with Maimu Johannson

17.00-19.00   Chinese calligraphy is practiced with Ann Sannik

18.00-20.00   Runo song power can be experienced with lead singer Helena Trei
* Payment for the instructor

16.00   A familiarization walk in the series "Väärtus" - under Pika Hermann on the Falgi road, Oliver Orro is waiting to go with him to explore the retaining wall of Toompea and its surroundings.

11.00-17.00   Author's exhibition of puppet theater puppets and children's activity center "Robert Kikas doll mania" opened in Kuldjala tower.
fun multimedia program,
you can try the PUPPET GAME
and visit the RAT SHOP.
Admission is 5 euros, we recommend coming during full hours, the tower can accommodate approx. 20 children at a time, the duration of the program is 25-30 minutes.

11.00-18.00   Every day access to the city wall, Sauna and Kuldjala tower is through the Nun Tower.

11.00-18.00   AOpen tea room with various snacks.


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner