A nonverbal complex movement activity and dance performance for children.

How does an average day start? We jump out of bed, quickly put on our clothes, brush our hair, pack our bags and we're off to nursery on our favorite scooter. But what happens when we're sleepy and we want to get up so badly that our body pulls us back to bed? What if the two legs of our trousers just won't slip over either of our legs and our sweaters keep falling off our backs? Our shoes start to take on a life of their own, our socks crawl up our hands instead of our feet, our combs get stuck in our hair and our skirts won't stay in place. And time is like a pair of tight pajamas. It's not an ordinary morning. This is a Dress up adventure!

“What should I wear today? - this is the question Dress up adventure deals with, while Rita Góbi playfully discovers the most complicated ways to put on another and another piece of clothing. The bright-colored, durable clothes are Fruzsina Nagy's great work. The unusual way of wearing jewels, shoes, gloves, and other accessories can be easily mastered by kids perfectly, just by watching this show." (Tamás Jászai, Revizor)


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner