Museum Visitor Experience Program „Me, a superorganism - the story of the coexistence of bacteria and humans“

The earth is a planet of microbes, on which every organism needs its protective microbial community to live. The bacteria living in and on the human body play an important role in the development of our well-being and physical and mental health. Microbes can be our friends as well as our enemies, health is ensured by their diversity and balance. In the theme rooms of the Health Museum, we talk about the beneficial and harmful bacteria that live together with humans and their relationship with health and lifestyle. We supplement the topic with exciting experiments and do yoga exercises that stimulate the mind and digestion. In case of bad weather, the entire event will be held indoors.

Eelregistreerumine ja piletid üritusele Fientast. Kohtade arv on piiratud. Ürituse piletiga saad samal päeval ka Tervisemuuseumi püsinäitusel “Avameelselt Sinu kehast” ja aastanäitusel “Uneversum” iseseisvalt ringi vaadata. Muuseum on avatud kell 10-18.
Pilet: eelmüügist 10 eurot, samal päeval ja kohapeal 12 eurot.


Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner