Kristi Mühling (kannel)
Ene Nael (harpsichord)

The duo of the ensemble Una Corda invites the audience to take part in a musical journey through different eras. They start with medieval travellers and the improvisations that are born from them, move on to Baroque music and, finally, to the diverse sound worlds of contemporary Estonian composers. Despite the different eras, these works have a lot in common, and often old music also has a new effect and contemporary music as traditional. The aim of this concert is to support and develop the musical cultural heritage, to provide the audience with high-level music to listen to and contemplate, and to introduce a wider audience to the rare combination of kandle and harpsichord."

The concert is public program of the exhibition „There and back. The pilgrimages of Livonians in Medieaval Europe“.
Ticket 15/10€ allows you to look around the museum.



Chief organizer Annely Pantalon

Project manager Kaire Siiner