XXXIV Tallinn Old Town Days will take place from 30. May until 6. June 2015 and carry a motto “Masters trough centuries”


XXXIV Tallinn Old Town Days is taking place from 30. May until 6. June 2015 and will concentrate this time more on the handcraft masters in the Old Town. For the illustration of the topic, we have created a slogan “Masters trough centuries”.

Tallinn has always been known by it’s masters. Everything that makes the town different – from the bread and marcipan to the tower of St. Olaf’s Church – has been created by the masters who loved their work. There are masters, whose creatiosn have been carried troughout the history until here and now. Such as master Notke, whose St. Nicholas’ Church death dance turned  immortal. Majority of the anonymous ones have created a miracle that we nowadays know as the Tallinn Old Town.

Old Town Days is therefroe waiting in the upcoming summer to see blacksmiths, woodcraftmen and basketmakers, strong stonepickers, skilled bakers, glass-blowers and other appreciated creators whose talent has grown in Tallinn.


The upcoming event’s topic days are following:

30. May „Opening Day“

31. May „Church Day“

1. June „Children’s Day“

2. June „Health Day“

3. June „Museum Day“

4. June „Teathre Day“

5. June „Music Day“

6. June „Medieval Day“