Markets and exhibitions


May 31 to June 4 10:00–19:00 Artisans’ market. Approximately 130 traders offering pottery, leatherworks, souvenirs, and other decorative arts. Niguliste, Harju and Kuninga Street
May 31 to June 4 10:00–19:00 Market of National Cultures, along with international traders from Lithuania and Belarus. Tammsaare Park
June 2 11:00–15:00 Tallinn City Theatre’s Fair of Good Things. Tallinn City Theatre (Lai 23)
June 3 12:00–17:00 Student Companies’ Fair. More than 37 different student companies from across Estonia will arrive to trade. Background music for the bargaining event will be provided by young people from DJ Klubi Ravecast Pääsküla’s Youth Centre and for those who have a heart for art, love poems in different languages will be performed by the young. Harjumägi
June 3 12:00–17:00 Mini Companies’ Fair, 14 groups of Tallinn’s youngest traders participates. Children’s Area (Toompark)
June 4 12:00–18:00 Disc market. During the Soviet era (1980–1990s) disc markets were held in front of the bandstand in Harjumägi, where it was possible to purchase, exchange, and re-record the music from the wider world. After a long period of time, the disc market will now be held again at Harjumägi. Approximately 40 vinyl disc sellers are taking part, both old Harjumägi wolves and young music lovers are expected. Many local small businesses will bring their records to the Plaaditurg plate market prior to distributing them through retail shops. Harjumägi


May 31 to June 4

00.00-24.00 Old Town Educational College’s ‘Exhibition of Old Views’. Vene Street.
12.00-18.00 Exhibition of the Old Town Educational College’s community’s portraits. Old Town Music House (Uus 16c)
11.00-21.00 Laitse RallyPark’s exhibition of old cars introduces Unic-vehicles from different eras; the visitors have an exclusive opportunity to see Estonia’s oldest car. Old technology enthusiasts and nostalgia-lovers can participate in fun rides with Unic-vehicles around the old town. This can be captured as a beautiful and era-reflective photo with the help of the photo artist. Tickets cost 5 euros and the ticket sales revenue will be invested to build a car museum in Estonia. Vabaduse väljak
10.30-18.00 International cartoon exhibition ‘Old and New’. Organised by the Estonian Humour Union. Mari photographer Denis Retškin’s exhibition ‘Maris in Russia’s Wideness’ and permanent exhibition ‘Time travel. Tallinn 1219–2219’ are also open. Tickets 4/6 euros. The exhibitions are closed on June 4! Kiek in de Kök and Bastion Tunnels (Komandandi tee 2)
10.00-18.00 Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo’s Annual Exhibition 2017. The exhibition is closed on June 4! Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)
10.30-18.00 Exhibition ‘I am Captured on the Photo. Children Take Photos of their Life.’ is dedicated to the Year of Children and Youth Culture. Old photos from the museum’s archives alongside modern photos reflecting our daily lives taken by children/youths themselves can be seen at the exhibition. Exhibition opening is on June 1 at 16:00, participation is free of charge. Tickets 1/2 euros. The exhibitions are closed on June 4! Tallinn City Museum’s Museum of Photography (Raekoja 4/6)
10.30-18.00 Exhibition ‘Fairy Tale Grandmother’s Clew of Tales’. This is a cosy grandmother’s room, where you can encounter fairy tales in different forms – to listen to them, to read them, to play, to watch, to write and even to tell yourself. Tickets 1/2 euros. Kalamaja Children’s Museum Miiamilla (Kotzebue 16)
10.00-18.00 Luscher & Matiesen’s Estonian Drinking Culture Museum introduces the history of wine production and other beverages production in Toompea and introduces an over century-old winery legend. Tickets 1.5/3 euros. On the 1st to 4th of June, the entrance to the museum is free of charge two hours before the concert held in the Toom-Rüütli courtyard. (Toom-Rüütli 10)
11.00-19.00 Hometown House’s exhibitions:
Access to the City Wall, Sauna and Kuldjala Tower via the Nun Tower. Opportunity to walk a few hundred meters along the historical protective passage, climb the three towers up to the roof, and see enchanting views of the old city and the sea. Tickets 0.50/1/1.50/2 euros.
’13 x Valter’ – Edgar Valter’s 13 pictures. Anyone who brings a photo to the Hometown House, where they will find themselves together with Edgar Valter, will be gifted a book ‘There are Several Fairy Tales in the Night’ with stories written by Tallinn school students based on Edgar Valter’s paintings, and Leelo Tungla’s poems.
‘Sirje Maris Horma – from the Shadow into the Light’
– an overview of how the Estonian Academy of Art’s students restored her paintings, which were in a very bad condition. It is possible to buy drawings and sketches, and thereby increase the sub-fund ‘Memory’ at the Estonian National Culture Foundation, aimed at raising scholarship funds for the students who are studying restoration.
 ‘Things related to Old Town Days’ – Kodulinna Maja’s collection of the Tallinn Old Town Days historical material at the Kuldjala Tower’s lower floor. Anyone who brings something along will get a free entry to a planned introductory tour of the series ‘Value’ Organised by the Hometown House.
‘A Walk along the City Wall’
– visitors can watch science-fiction and real pictures, read fiction and true stories. Science Fiction Stories are from the book ‘A Walk along the City Wall’.
‘In Colour’
– creation of the children of Tallinna Tondi Basic School for the 10-year art project ‘White with White’.
Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3)
12.00-17.00 Special exhibition ‘Kroon 25’. On June 3, the exhibition is open from 11:00 to 16:00 and is closed on June 4! Bank of Estonia Museum (Estonia pst 11)
10.00-18.00 Annual exhibition ‘Russian Printed Words in Tallinn from the Beginning of the 19th Century Until 1940’. Tickets 1/3 euros. On June 4, the exhibition is open from 12:00 to 18:00! Russian Museum (Pikk 29a)
11.00-18.00 Exhibitions ‘Sweet Goods’ about the production of sweets in Tallinn and ‘Let’s Meet in the Café’ about the café culture in Tallinn in the 1920s–1930s which is dedicated to the city’s café culture’s 315th anniversary. In addition photo exhibition ‘Maiden Tower as a Lovely Home. Pictures from Berend von Bock’s photo album’ is open. Tickets 2/3 euros. The exhibition is closed on June 4! Maiden Tower (Lossi plats 11/Lühike jalg 9a)
10.00-17.00 Exhibition ‘Mystical Ancient Sea’ about movement of Estonian regions, the plants-animals that lived there, and the climate changes from the first billion years until the present. Exhibition ‘Our Sea’ about the species living in the Baltic Sea, their relationships and the human role in the fate of the Baltic Sea. Tickets 3/5 euros. Exhibitions are open on June 1 from 10:00 to 19:00! Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)
10.00-18.00 The best temporary exhibition of the year 2016, ‘Natural Causes’, discusses death and its related topics. The best permanent exhibition of the year 2015 ‘Openly about your body’ also available. Tickets 5/8 euros. On May 31, the exhibition is on open from 10:00 to 19:00! Estonian Health Care Museum (Lai 30)
10.00-18.00 Exhibition ‘Estonian Actors’ Union. Portrait of 100 Actors’ and permanent exhibition ‘Songs and Stories’. Tickets 2 euros. The exhibitions are closed on June 4! Estonian Theatre and Music Museum’s Assauwe Tower (Müürivahe 12)
10.00-18.00 Exhibition ‘Medieval Joys. Great Guild’s celebrations on the 15th to16th Century’ and permanent exhibition ‘DIE HARD. 11 000 years of Estonian history’. Admission with the museum ticket, price 3/6 euros. Exhibitions open on June 3 from 10:00 to 20:00. Tickets 3 euros. Estonian History Museum, Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17)
10.00-19.00 Exhibition ‘Viking Era Treasures from Estonia’ in cooperation with the Estonian Maritime Museum and the Archaeology Faculty of the Tallinn University introduces the Estonian Viking Age. The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Research Council, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Estonian Cultural Endowment.
Fat Margaret’s permanent exhibition about Estonia’s maritime history is also open. Tickets 3/6 euros. Estonian Maritime Museum (Pikk 70)
10.30-18.00 Weapon exhibition ‘Menacing Steel’ presents weapons from the 19th and 20th centuries and rarities from the museum’s collection. Permanent exhibition ‘The Town that is Never Completed’ explains the history of the town from times immemorial to the last decade of the previous century. Tickets 3/4 euros. The exhibitions are closed on June 4! Tallinn City Museum (Vene 17)
11.00-18.00 Permanent exhibition of Estonian Design, permanent exhibition of the decorative arts ‘Collected Works’ and VII Tallinn’s applied art’s Triennial ‘Time Difference’. Tickets 2/4 euros. Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, entrance from the courtyard (Lai 17)
11.00-18.00 Carved Stone Museum with entrance under Victory Monument at Vabaduse väljak is open. Tickets 4/6 euros.
11.00-18.00 Permanent exhibition ‘Creation of Adamson-Eric’, tickets 4/10 euros. The ticket office closes at 17.30. The exhibition is closed on June 4! Adamson-Eric Museum (Lühike jalg 3)



NB! The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme.