June 3, What colour is love?

Town Hall Square

12.00 Symphony Orchestra of Lasnamäe Music School, conductor Jüri Schleifman
13.00 Symphony Orchestra of Nõmme Music School, conductor Riivo Jõgi
15.00 Concert by the Horoskoop-era Estonian SSR’s top hit songs ‘Today I Play the Saxophone, Tomorrow I’ll Betray My Country’, Gustav Adolf Grammar School. The love songs that were first played on the beloved music show in the Soviet era will now be performed by Voldemar Kuslap, Boris Lehtlaan, Gustav Adolf Grammar School’s men’s quartet, talented youth and teachers, accompanied by GAGS’s variety orchestra and women’s trio. The songs have been composed by Tõnis Kõrvits and Siim Aimla, the young soloists are led by Merle Ilus, Fred Rõigas and Lilian Reinmets.
17.00 Embassy of Brazil presents: Duo Obi and Denise Fontoura
Samba carnival with samba school Kuldõunapuu
19.00 ‘Dance in Music’, Wind Orchestra of Tallinn University of Technology and dance studio Euphoria, Zahira, Modus, FreeFlow
21.00 Svjata Vatra

Youth Area

Kanuti Garden, 12:00–21:00

12.00-16.00 Tallinn Street Workout Cup 2017: street sport competitions (freestyle, resistance, push-ups, pull-ups with extra weights)
13.00 JJ-Street
16.00 Capoeira Estonia, show and workshop
17.00 NGO Tallinna Tantsukool
17.30 DanceMission4
18.30 KT Studio of Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo
19.00 SIXTINA Dance- and Model School of Tallinna Kanuti Garden Hobby School
19.30 Gustav Adolf Grammar School

Children’s Area

Toompark, 12.00-19.00

12.00-19.00 Get a face painting and ride a pony
12.00-17.00 Mini Companies’ Fair. Fourteen groups of Tallinn’s youngest traders participate
12.00 Järveotsa Kindergarten’s children’s songs
13.00-15.30 Children’s theatre performances:
‘The Little Boy’s Big Concern’, performed by Haabersty Russian Gymnasium
‘Cinderella’, performed by Kalamaja Basic School
‘Spring’, performed by Kristiine Gymnasium
‘Cinderella’, performed by Merivälja Kindergarten Nublu group
Casting‘, performed by Tallinn Co-education Gymnasium
‘Grasshopper and Ant’, performed by Tallinn French School
14.00 Sports club Barimba presenting the Brazilian martial art Capoeira
15.30 KT Studio of Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo
17.00 Noah’s Story of the Creation of the World and the Great Flood’ performed by puppet theatre Talleke
18.00 Dance theatre Polly


12.00 Workshop ‘Toothpaste Making and Teeth Brushing’, organised by the Estonian Health Museum
13.00 Workshop ‘Measurements’, organised by the Estonian Health Museum
14.20 Martial arts workshop, organised by sports club Barimba
15.00 Workshop ‘Balloons, Bubbles and Juggling’
16.30 Workshop by KT Studio of Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo (exercise, dancing and fun)
17.00 Workshop ‘Summer First Aid’, organised by the Estonian Health Museum
18.00 Children’s yoga

Folk Culture Area

Towers’ Square, 11:00–21:00

11.00-17.30 Estonian Union of National Minorities:
11.00 Congress of Ukrainians in Estonia (Seniors’ Dance Ensemble Reverans, Ukrainian choir Prosvita, singing ensemble Prosvita)
12.00 Ensemble Ošmes of Udmurt Society Ošmes
12.30 Ensemble and soloists from NGO Tallinna Mari Selts
13.00 Ensemble Laikonik of Polonia – the Estonian Society of Poles
13.30 Chuvash Cultural Society’s ensemble Palan
14.00 Estonian-Mordovian Society’s folklore ensemble Vastoma
14.30 Tallinn’s Bashkir Culture Society Agizel
15.00 Latvian Folk Culture Society’s ensemble Revele
15.30 Seto chanting choir Sõsarõ
16.00 Folklore ensemble Žurba
16.25 The Jewish Community of Estonia’s creative studio Mahol
17.10 Estonian Association of Belarusians’ ensemble Alesja
17.45-21.00 Minorities’ Union Balti Rand
Estonian-Slavic Culture Society Ladja, Moldavian-Romanian Community in Estonia Casa Mare, Cultural Union Nasledie, ensemble Terek, National Minority Women’s Club Vega, Creative studio Irides, Sakala’s singing children.

The rhythms of Toompea

12.00  ‘Terrace Stories’ Dance group MODUS presents children’s and youth’s dance programme ‘Old Dances of the Young’ of old but evergreen dances. Swing, tap-dancing and lots more. Danish King’s garden terrace (Lühike jalg 9a)
13.00 ‘Sounds of the Maiden Tower’, Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s choir Peale Viit, conductor Kristel Marand. Amphitheatre in the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a)
14.00 ‘Courtyard life’ or a zither half-hour, Ann Kase and Laura Linnaks. Cafe-studio Bogapott (Pikk jalg 9)
15.00 ‘Courtyard music’ Carolin Škerin (vocals and guitar). (Courtyard at Rutu 3)
16.00 Rhythms of the Maiden Tower’ or Claudia Ševtšenko’s flamenco show. Amphitheatre in the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a)
17.00 ‘Knightly Wind Instruments on the Stairs’, wind orchestra Popsid of University of Tartu, at the square in front of the Knighthood House (Kiriku plats 1)
18.00 ‘The Music of the People of the Castle Park’.
Girls’ ensemble 3xuu and boys’ ensemble Häälemure of Tallinn Õismäe Gymnasium. Seitsme Linnuse park
19.00 Sounds on the Edge of the Castle’. Salme Cultural Centre’s women’s choir Ilo, conductors Anneli Surva and Irene Schifrin. Governor’s Garden (Lossi plats 1a)
20.00 ‘The Fourth Way’, Jaanika Ventsel duo. Tickets 5 euros. Free entrance to the Luscher & Matiesen Museum of the Estonian Drink Culture two hours before the concert. (Toom-Rüütli 10 courtyard)
21.00 ‘Dances of the Dusk’, dance ensemble Tuisuline. Bishop’s Garden (Toom-Kooli 21)


12.00-13.00 Masterclass for crafting wooden horses: making traditional Ukrainian wooden horses and toys under the guidance of a woodwork craftsman. There is also an exhibition of wooden horses in the Grusbeke Tower, where one can get acquainted with wooden horses from different cultures and eras. Carpentry Chamber in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre (Laboratooriumi 22)
12.00-16.00 Master class of ancient metal jewellery forging under the guidance of master craftsman Toomas Mägi at the foot of the Kuldjala Tower. Hometown House (Gümnaasiumi 3)
12.00-18.00 Helina Tilk’s workshop for porcelain and pottery painting.
14:00–15:00 Performance by pupils from the Tallinn Music High School. Participants shall cover the costs of the items made. (Pikk Street 41/1)
12.00-18.00 Estonian Academy of Arts’s pottery workshop of Raku firing. Participants can make an item by/for themselves using the ancient Raku pottery firing technique. Towers’ Square near the Loewenschede Tower (Kooli 7)
12.00-19.00 Fat Margaret’s workshop or postcards handicraft workshop
12:00 and 14:00 introductory speeches are held, with the workshop open all afternoon. Tickets 3/6 euros. Estonian Maritime Museum (Pikk 70)


Introductory tours

12.00 Tour ‘From Nunnery to Gymnasium’ (in Russian), Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration required by email:  info@vanalinnapaevad.ee. Places are full! Registration is closed!
12.00 ; 14.00  16.00 ; 18.00 Excursion ‘Punks and Hustlers: Active Estonian Youth in the 1980s’ on the route Kiek in de Kök – Harju hill – bastion tunnels under Linda Hill – Maiden Tower. Pre-registration required by e-mail neitsitorn@linnamuuseum.ee or by phone at 601 2751. Tickets 2/3 euros. Kiek in de Kök (Komandandi tee 2)
12.00 ; 15.00 Excursion at the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial ‘Time Difference’. Tickets 1 euro. Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, entrance from the courtyard (Lai 17)
13.00-14.00 Introductory tour in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre. (Laboratooriumi 22)
14.00 Excursion ‘Let’s Walk through Toompark to Deer Park’ with dendrologist Olev Abner and landscape architect Tiina Tuulik. Meeting at the lower end of the Patkul stairs, organised by Hometown House.
16.00 Tour ‘From Nunnery to Gymnasium’, Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration is required by e-mail: info@vanalinnapaevad.ee.
16.00 A tour introducing the permanent exhibition of the Estonian Health Care Museum (in Estonian and Russian). Tickets 5/8 euros. (Lai 30)
17.00 A tour in the Luscher & Matiesen Museum of the Estonian Drink Culture including degustation of two wines. Tickets 10 euros. (Toom-Rüütli 10)
17.00 ‘Drawing Lesson at the Carved Stone Museum’: a tour in the bastion passages of the Carved Stone Museum, followed by a session involving drawing carved stone details under the guidance of art historian Risto Paju. Pre-registration is required by e-mail kok@linnamuuseum.ee or by phone at 644 6686. Tickets 3 euros. Kiek in de Kök (Komandandi tee 2)
17.00 Tour at the exhibition ‘Medieval pleasures’, i.e. how and what was eaten back then during the festivities and how wedding parties were organised at the Great Guild. The tour is led by museum pedagogue Kristi Paatsi. Pre-registration is required by e-mail aime.tahvonen@ajaloomuuseum.ee or by phone at 696 8693. Tickets 3 euros. Estonian History Museum, Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17)
18.00 Excursion ‘Walking Back and Forth at the Towers’ Square with gardener Ain Järve. Starts by the fountain in the Towers’ Square. Organised by Hometown House.
20.00 Excursion ‘Night Walk in the Old Town’, with the guide historian Jaak Juske. Starts in front of the Jaani Church (Vabaduse väljak 1)

Here and there

10.00-20.00 Old Tallinn Cup 2017. The greatest knights’ tournament in the Baltics, with a historical re-enactment of sword fighting with combatants from 11 countries. More than 14 teams are taking part in both team challenges and individual competition. Medieval music group Skudrinka from Belarus will be performing during the tournament. There will also be the theatre troupe Reineke with its shows and history club Karu Eeslinn, who will introduce the history of 10th century through the early medieval period’s sword fighting. HMB Soft area is open for children and the young, where they can take measure of their strength using safe soft sword fighting equipment. The organiser is NGO Ajalooklubi Nordburg. Green area next to St. Nicholas Church
11.00-17.00 Tallinn Bicycle Week. The programme contains a safe riding school for children, bike gymnastics and BMX Flatland demo, Pump-track race within the framework of Tallinn Leg Days, and various workshops. Mechanics tent and Food Trucks will also be present. Vabaduse väljak
12.00-17.00 Student Companies’ Fair. More than 37 different student companies from across Estonia will arrive to trade. The background music for the trading event will be provided by young people from DJ Klubi Ravecast Pääsküla Youth Centre and, for those who have a heart for art, love poems in different languages will be performed by the young. Harjumägi
12.00-20.00 Tallinn City Museum’s activity tent:
• Dice game ‘Old Town’s Story Mill’ for the young and the old;
• ‘Searching Game in the Old Town’. Explore the Old Town and discover interesting places! The game starts in the Tallinn City Museum’s tent located in the Komandandi Garden, anyone interested is welcome to join the game at any convenient time of the day. Awards await the best intrepid explorers!
• ‘Taro Cards Predict Love’. Traditional divination sessions with Taro cards
• Workshop ‘Heart Band Weaving’, Kalamaja Children’s Museum Miiamilla
• Workshop ‘Crafting of Pink Glasses’, Kadriorg Children’s Museum Miiamilla
• Workshop of Medieval snacks and love potions ‘The Way to One’s Heart is Through One’s Stomach’, Tallinn City Museum
Interested participants of all ages are welcome to explore this workshop to find out how dishes were seasoned in the Middle Ages and what snacks were available. In addition, all participants can prepare a love potion.
• Workshop of Old Time Games ‘ I love to play’, Tallinn City Museum. Learn by experiencing what games were played by our grandparents, great grandparents and even more distant ancestors. There will be plenty of informative fun for everyone!
Participating in all of the tent’s activities is free of charge. Superintendent’s garden
12.00-20.00 Hobusepea jewellery and music POP-UP! Hobusepea Gallery courtyard (indoors in the event of rain) (Hobusepea 2)
12.00 Piip and Tuut in an outdoor performance ‘The Love Story of Ms Landskrone and Mr Pilsticker’, with musician Karoliina Kreintaal. Café Koogel Moogel is also open during the performance. Tickets 4 euros. Piip and Tuut Theatre and Playhouse’s Courtyard (Toom-Kooli 13)
13.00 Science Theatre ‘Frankenstein’ tries to revive the story of the creation of the infamous Creature, during which we will explore the nature, location and purpose of organs inside a human body. We will also look at the original Frankenstein story and excerpts from the first Frankenstein movie, completed in 1910. Tickets 3 euros (museum ticket not included). Estonian Health Care Museum (Lai 30)
14.00 Violinists from the Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo, instructor Anna-Liis Näksi. Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)
14.00-15.40 Recording of the ETV’s and Maaleht’s common TV show ‘Lauluga maale’, with Karl-Erik Taukar as a guest star, the show is hosted by Gerly Padar and Jüri Aarma, the programme manager is Reet Linna, accompanying ensemble led by Andrus Rannaääre. Superintendent’s garden
15.00 ‘Loom of Time’: poetry event with different generations as the main theme. With Peep Ilmet, Kristjan Haljak, Ann Viisileht, ‘EiK’ Erik Sikk, Eeva Park, Maarja Pärtna and others participating on different days. More information on the website. In cooperation with the Estonian Writers’ Union. Siuru raamaturuum (Pikk 43)
16.00 Concert ‘Young Spring’. The Tallinn University’s Women choir and vocal ensemble VoxNova. The ensemble will perform lively madrigals by composers l. Hassler and O. Lasso, Estonian folk music arrangements, soothing ballads (B. Joel, J. Taylor), and various pop-jazz arrangements. The women’s choir has the longest history of all the choirs of Tallinn university. It is an exuberant women’s collective, where both current students and alumni sing. The choir conductor is Rasmus Erismaa and vocal pedagogue Karin Salumäe. Tickets 3/5 euros. Estonian Academy of Sciences Hall (Kohtu 6)
16.00 Brass Band Vivo Brass ad Libitum (Norway). Musumägi
16.00-18.00 Medieval Games for Kids. Tickets 3 euros. Great Guild Hall courtyard of Estonian History Museum or, in case of rainy weather, indoors (Pikk 17)


Tango performance ‘Café Del Alma’ brings its viewers a playful reflection of life typical to Argentinian tango culture with its written and unwritten rules. Tickets available from Piletilevi or on site prior to the show. Tickets 16/18 euros. Hopner House (Raekoja plats 18)

17.00 Orchestra of the Defence League’s District of Tallinn. Musumägi
17.00 ‘Chamber music of the Sacristy’, Ott Indermitte (baritone), Toomas Bubert (violin), Piret Aidulo (piano). St. Mary’s Cathedral (Toom-Kooli 6)


Poetry and music programme ‘Sun is Love’, Doris Kareva and Robert Jürjendal. Tickets available from Piletilevi or on site prior to the show. Tickets 10 euros. Cafe Wabadus (Vabaduse väljak 10)

18.00 Liisbet Rooma and Anna-Maria Aaso with their own creation and pianos. Babulja restaurant’s outdoor stage (Pärnu mnt 2)
18.00 The modern struggle for love. Estonian History Museum, Great Guild Hall, Börsi Passage (Pikk 17)
18.00 Tales about organ and organ music. Professor Andres Uibo and students Aivar Sõerd, Kadri Toomoja, Viktoria-Violetta Haletskaja, Aivar Uuk, Erich-Johann Kullamäe. Programme: D. Buxtehude, F. Tunder, C. Franck, E. Bossi, A. Karindi, E. Mägi. St. John’s Church (Vabaduse väljak 1)
18.00 Ensemble NB’s concert. Church of the Holy Spirit (Pühavaimu 2)
18.30 ‘What Did the Medieval Love Poetry Sound Like’. Extracts from poems of that era. Tickets 3 euros. Estonian History Museum, Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17)


‘Art of Love’, Martina Rüping (soprano) and Martin Stephan (organ) from Germany. Works of J. S. Bachi, G. F. Händeli, G. Giordani, F. Mendelsshon Bartholdy, A. Dvoraki, M. Stephani, Eric Satie and Bruno Coulais are performed. Concert duration 1 hour. St. Nicholas Church (Niguliste 3)

19.00 Carlos Ukareda & Andres Estna. Babulja restaurant’s outdoor stage (Pärnu mnt 2)


Kadri Voorand Quartet : Kadri Voorand (vocals), Marek Talts (guitar), Taavo Remmel (contrabass), Ahto Abner (percussion instruments). Kadri Voorand’s original creation and songs based on Estonian poetry are performed. Tickets available from Piletilevi or on site prior to the show. Tickets 12/16 euros. St. Catherine’s Church (Vene 14a)

20.00 Concert ‘Music from the Other World’ from the series ‘We Come from the Renaissance’, Old Town Educational College. Brothers Johansons (Jaak, Mart, Ants and Kärt Johanson), Kiigelaulukuuik (The Swing Sing Sextet) with its current and former students and others. Old Town Music House (Uus 16c)
20.00 Eik’ Erik Sikk, Babulja restaurant’s outdoor stage (Pärnu mnt 2)
20.00 Theatrical performance ‘Krabatimäng’, T-Teater. Tickets 10/7 euros. Köismäe Tower (Laboratooriumi 27)
20.00-22.00 Sing-along with the singing club Laulurõõm of Salme Cultural Centre, led by Vaike Sarn. Back in the olden days there was a custom at the end of the day to gather in the courtyard of the Museum of Natural History to sing together. With the aid of song sheets and by heart, with and without accompaniment. People rejoiced in being and singing together. The leader of the song evenings was Ahto Nurk. We wish to restore the tradition and invite everyone to sing together again! The joy of singing together is important! Courtyard of Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)
20.00 Mixed choir Huik. James MacMillan’s motets and Frank Martin’s ‘Mass for Two Choirs’ are performed. St. Olaf’s Church (Lai 50)
20.00 Musica Hymnis. Festival concert dedicated to bishop-martyr Plato and other modern martyrs, performers academic mixed choir Latvija, Valdis Tomsons (conductor) and Allar Kaasik (cello). Gretšaninov’s ‘Passion Week op. 58’ and Grigorieva’s ‘Prayer’ premiere in Estonia. Metropolitan Stephanos will attend the concert. Gustav Adolf Gymnasium (Suur-Kloostri 16)
20.00 Sould Out’. Tickets 3 euros, free admission to the street party. Culture Club Kelm (Vene 33)



NB! The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme.