June 1, If all the power in the world could be in the hands of children…

Town Hall Square

11.40-13.00 Traditional chimney sweeps’ and children’s procession of the Old Town Days
Gathering at 11:00, starting at 11:40 next to the chimney sweep’s statue in front of the Savoy Boutique Hotel (Suur-Karja 17), then moving on to the Freedom Square and, from there, to the Town Hall Square. 80 chimney sweeps from Estonia, Latvia and Finland will participate. Music by the Orchestra of the Defence League’s District of Tallinn.
13.00-21.30 Concert by Old Town Educational College:
We come from the Renaissance – upper secondary school students of the Old Town Educational College, ensemble Gambare, Tõnis Kuurme’s recorder ensemble and ensemble Tuli Taevast;
Let’s sing together – 10 choirs of Old Town Educational College;
Let’s pop – ensemble Võlukeeled, directed by Tereza Šmerling-Heinsaar, the best pieces of Old Town Educational College’s Song Contest, Elo Toodo’s singing studio;
Let’s folk – Juhan Uppin, Monika Väliste, Johan Kristjan Aimla, Mattias Tirmaste, Kristi Alas and ensemble Tuuleviiul;
Soloists together with Old Town Educational College’s orchestra and band, conductor Rasmus Puur, Sandra Uusberg and Kristjan Üksküla, Marion and Priit Strandberg, Aleksandra Kirikal, Pille-Riin Karro, Kea (Ketter Orav), ensemble Kruuv and Trikster.
21.30 Laura Prits and Tom Cats

Urban project for youth


The urban project for youth provides an ample selection of activities and explores the ways in which today’s youth see the Old Town. In winter, the urban project contest was announced with the aim of encouraging youths to design the Old Town into a more youthful place, and as a result we can see which activities are desired for the different locations of the Old Town.

•          Insta-hunt, Lai Street. One must pass through different task points on the street where the simple historically accurate tasks give us a taste of what life could have been like in the days of old. All of this can be captured on the Instagram account of the Old Town Days! Organised by the 7th grade pupils of Tallinn Laagna Gymnasium.
•          ‘Loodus laadi, mere moodi – teeme käsitööd teist moodi’, Toompark’s children’s area. Let’s explore the different ways of using natural and recycled materials. Organised by the 6th grade pupils of Tallinn Laagna Gymnasium.
•          ‘Imitating the work of the city of Tallinn’, green area next to St. John’s Church
The aim is to introduce the governance structure of Tallinn and the operation of local governments through the example of Tallinn. Organised by Tallinn City Youth Council.
•          ‘Game Rhythm’, Kanuti Garden. We’ll play a variety of rhythm games and hold competitions! Organised by the youth of the North Tallinn Youth Centre.
•          ‘Ancient walls talk’, Bremen Tower. What if the ancient and the modern could meet in a medieval prison tower? Organised by the 10th grade pupils of Tallinn Art Gymnasium.
•          ‘Aesthetics in the Old Town’ in the courtyard of Gustav Adolf Grammar School. Board games, science theatre, street labyrinth of surprises and a look into an artist’s daily life (performance). Organised by the eighth graders of GAGS.
•          ‘Inspire yourself into your dream home’. Cafe-restaurant Vegan Inspiratsioon. Here everyone will have the opportunity to contribute by drawing or painting a picture of his or her dream home for the art exhibition. Organised by the youth group of cafe-restaurant Vegan Inspiratsioon. (Lai 44)
•          ‘Cultural Flight’, installation of an open book that depicts the maintenance and returning back to the culture organised by students of Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. Börsi käik
•          ‘Science Theatre’, Rataskaevu surroundings. Here all science enthusiasts can satisfy their curiosity about physics and chemistry! Organised by the 11th grade pupils of Tallinn Secondary School No 32.

18.00-20.30 Open Youth Forum ‘Let’s design the Old Town into a Young Town!’ There will be discussions about what an attractive Old Town means for young people, and what kind of novel activities, opportunities and solutions are needed in order to encourage young people to spend more time in the Old Town. In addition, experts from different areas present their perspectives and select the best youth project of the day. We welcome young people, people who work with youth, and indeed anyone who is interested in the topic. The debate is moderated by Urmas Vaino. Hopner House (Raekoja plats 18)

Youth Area

Kanuti Garden, 12:00–20:30

12.00-17.00 Competition of rhythm games, North Tallinn Youth Centre
17.00-20.00 Estonian Paralympic Committee workshop
17.00 Street sport show (skateboard, scooter, BMX)
18.00 Estonian Paralympic Committee. Try out sports played by people with disabilities, for example blind table tennis and wheelchair racing.
19.00 Governance structure of Tallinn and the elections of local government – simulation, Tallinn City Youth Council
20.00 Regina & Band

Children’s Area

Toompark, 12.00-19.00

12.00-19.00 Get a face painting done and have fun at the Skyjump area
12.00-17.00 Children’s Republic
Experience tour that travels around Estonia as part of the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture and the project ‘Estonia 100’. The Children’s Republic welcomes all children up to 12 years old with their families! More info: www.minaka.ee. The event is free for everyone!
12:00–17:00 Workshop ‘The Recovery Journey of Deposit Packaging’: introduces the deposit packaging system and examines the recovery cycle of plastic and glass bottles as well as tin cans. Let’s play, unriddle and compete! Children will be delighted to meet the tin can mascot Pandu. Organised by Eesti Pandipakend.
12:00–12:45 and 14:00–14:45 Workshop ‘Greeting Card with a Silk Element’: together we’ll make very special and beautiful greeting cards and write greetings for Estonia’s 100th birthday. Organised by Nõmme Leisure Centre.
13:00–13:30, 14:00–14:30 and 15:00–15:30 Workshop ‘ETI Games of Skill’. Who’s best at spinning, jumping, or precision throwing? The best will be awarded! Organised by SA Tallinna Teletorn.
13:00 and 15:00 Show ‘The Greatest Gift’. Author Kätlin Vainola, directed by Taavi Tõnisson.
14:00–15:00 Ghost tour for kids in the Old Town. During this brief but lovely walk one can hear about the most famous man in Tallinn – Old Thomas, and also about the equally famous Ülemiste Elder. We will check how the mummy of St. Nicholas Church is doing and see if the ghost of the Stable Tower is at home. A group of 25 children, Organised by Ronk Ronk.
12.00 Dance club Koit
14.30 Kopli Youth Centre’s singing studio and dance groups
16.00 Gymnastics club Piruett
17.00 Dance ensemble Sõleke of Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo
18.00 Dance studio DanceLife
18.30 Dance and music studio FreeFlow Studio


12.00 Workshop ‘Balloons, Bubbles, and Juggling’
14.00-16.00 Workshop for jump rope club Trikit

Folk Culture Area

Towers’ Square, 15:00–19:00

15.00-19.00 The old Seto culture in the hands of young people:
15.00 Avamine
15.10 Värska Music School’s musical instrument club
15.40 Värska Gymnasium’s leelo choir Laanõtsirk
16.10 Seto Latsi Kuul
16.40 Mikitamäe School
17.40 Culture club Setoluu
18.00 Värska Music School’s garmon duo
18.20 Värska Music School’s zither ensemble
18.50 Dance troupe Modus “Setomania”

Also includes a Seto fair and workshops open during the day!


The rhythms of Toompea

14.00 ‘Courtyard Life. Leanne Barbo’s Students of Small Zither’. Cafe-studio Bogapott (Pikk jalg 9)
15.00 ‘Courtyard music’ Lev Urbel (vocals, guitar). (Courtyard at Rutu 3)
16.00 ‘Rhythms of the Maiden Tower’, flamenco studio Fiesta of Nõmme Youth Centre. Amphitheatre in the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a)
17.00 Knightly Wind Instruments on the Stairs’. Big Band Mikid, soloists Els Himma and Villem Loonde.  Amphitheatre in the Danish King’s Garden (Lühike jalg 9a)
18.00 The Music of the People of Castle Park’, students of Jakob Westholm Music School. Seitsme Linnuse park
19.00 Sounds on the edge of the castle’. Estonian Academy of Arts Chamber Choir and the Tallinn University of Technology’s Chamber Choir. Governor’s Garden (Lossi plats 1a)
21.00 ‘Dances of dusk’, dance ensemble Drago. Bishop’s Garden (Toom-Kooli 21)

Hometown House

Gümnaasiumi 3

19.00 Violin ensemble Tuuleviiulid, led by Kristi Alas. Tickets for admission through Nun’s Tower (Väike-Kloostri 1) are available at the price of 0.50, 1, 1.50 and 2 euros. 4th floor of Kuldjala Tower

‘A day with, and for, those who have slightly different needs’

13.00 ‘A peculiar school lesson’. Compiled by Ingrit Tera on the basis of children’s literature, performed by the drama troupe of Laagna Nursery-Primary School
14.00 Theatrical performance ‘Pisikesed pakikesed’ (Tiny packets), author Oskar Luts. Performed by the drama troupe of Tondi Basic School
15.00 Family performance ‘The clown says NO!’, a dramatisation of Micha Damiani’s tale. Directed by Zoja Mellov, performed by the drama troupe of the Tallinna Support Centre Juks.
16.00 Concert ‘Joy of singing’


12.00-13.00 Masterclass for crafting wooden horses: making traditional Ukrainian wooden horses and toys under the guidance of a woodwork craftsman. There is also an exhibition of wooden horses in the Grusbeke Tower, where you can become acquainted with wooden horses from different cultures and eras. Carpentry Chamber in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre (Laboratooriumi 22)
16.00-20.00 Porcelain and pottery painting workshop by Helina Tilk
Participants shall cover the costs of the items made. (Pikk 41/1)
16.30 Confectionery making workshop (in Russian): we also explore the exhibition ‘Sweet goods: Tallinn’s confectioneries 1918–1940’, and make sweets according to traditional recipes. Pre-registration required by phone 645 9626 or by e-mail: julia@linnamuuseum.ee. Tickets 2/3 euros. Maiden Tower (Lossi plats 11/Lühike jalg 9a)

Introductory tours

13.00-14.00 Introductory tour in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre. (Laboratooriumi 22)
16.00 Excursion ‘From the Infirmary of the Holy Spirit to a Girls’ School’ (in Russian), Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration is required by e-mail: info@vanalinnapaevad.ee. Places are full! Registration is closed!
16.00 A tour introducing the permanent exhibition of the Estonian Health Care Museum (in Estonian and Russian). Tickets 5/8 euros. (Lai 30)
17.00 Excursion in the Luscher & Matiesen Museum of the Estonian Drink Culture including degustation of two wines. Tickets 10 euros. (Toom-Rüütli 10)
18.00 Excursion ‘Let’s Walk in the Gardens of Toompea’ with art historian Risto Paju. Meeting point is in front of Toompea Castle. Organised by Hometown House.
20.00 Excursion ‘From the Infirmary of the Holy Spirit to a Girls’ School’, Jüri Kuuskemaa. Pre-registration is required by e-mail: info@vanalinnapaevad.ee. Places are full! Registration is closed!

Here and there

11.00-18.00 Children’s performances in the courtyard of Estonian Theatre and Music Museum by the students (12th year) of the Performing Arts department of University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy:
11:00   ‘Jonnipunn’, author and director Peep Maasik;
13:00   ‘Töntsa-Täntsa’, authors Heljo Mänd and Elar Vahter, director Elar Vahter;
14:00   ‘Koolikotilood’ (Satchel Stories), author, performer and director Loviise Kapper;
15:00   ‘The Million’, author and director Kristjan Poom;
17:00   ‘Silent Trolls’, author and director Mari Anton.
The performances are free of charge! (Müürivahe 12)
13.00-18.30 The whole world fits into our arms! Through the initiative of TransferWise, the world’s largest globe will be risen in order to celebrate the International Children’s Day and the diversity and openness in the world:
13:00–16:00    Inflating and erecting the world’s largest globe
16:00–17:00    Five hundred people from TransferWise and more than fifty different nationalities invite both children and parents to play with inflatable balls around the globe;
17:00–18:30    Packing up the globe. (Vabaduse väljak)
15.00 ‘Loom of time’: poetry event with different generations as the main theme. With Peep Ilmet, Kristjan Haljak, Ann Viisileht, ‘EiK’ Erik Sikk, Eeva Park, Maarja Pärtna and others participating on different days. More information on the website. In cooperation with the Estonian Writers’ Union. Siuru Raamaturuum (Pikk 43)


‘Shackles’, a solo show by circus artist Grete Gross. The show combines modern circus, visual arts, live music and poetry, by recounting the story of the effort of learning to accept and love oneself. Tickets available from Piletilevi or on site prior to the show. Tickets 8/10 euros. St. Catherine’s Church (Vene 14a)

17.00 Carlos Ukareda & Andres Estna. Babulja restaurant’s outdoor stage (Pärnu mnt 2)
17.00 Concert by Tatjana Timofejeva, Maris Lend and pupils of Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo. Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga 6)
18.00 Orchestra of the Defence League’s District of Tallinn. Musumägi
19.00 Gymnastics performance ‘When a Word Becomes a Flight of a Butterfly’, Estonian Sports Association Kalev
A word makes the body move – feel the attraction! This happens when the word becomes the magic of a butterfly’s flight! With 800 gymnasts from the gymnastics clubs of Tallinn and Harju County. Stage director Katre Jaani. Vabaduse väljak
19.00 Ensemble Õhujõud! Babulja restaurant’s outdoor stage (Pärnu mnt 2)
19.00 Performance ‘Parkway Drive’, Theatre Kelm. Tickets 10/15 euros. Culture Club Kelm (Vene 33)
19.00 Concert ‘The English Music Greats of the 16th Century William Byrd and Peter Philips’ from the series ‘Chamber Music of the Sacristy’, Marju Riisikamp (harpsichord). St. Mary’s Cathedral (Toom-Kooli 6)
20.00 Concert ‘Reflection’ from the series ‘We Come from the Renaissance’, Old Town Educational College. Pop, jazz and folk musicians and actors who received their education in the schools of the Old Town in the 1990s and will now share their memories. Old Town Music House (Uus 16c)
20.00 Theatrical performance ‘Krabatimäng’, T-Teater. Tickets 7/10 euros. Köismäe Tower (Laboratooriumi 27)
20.00-22.00 Sing-along with the singing club Laulurõõm of Salme Cultural Centre, led by Vaike Sarn. Back in the olden days there was a custom at the end of the day to gather in the courtyard of the Museum of Natural History to sing together. With the aid of song sheets and by heart, with and without accompaniment. People rejoiced in being and singing together. The leader of the song evenings was Ahto Nurk. We wish to restore the tradition and invite everyone to sing together again! The joy of singing together is important! Courtyard of Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a)
20.15 The fourth way’. The Hungarian Institute presents: old music ensemble Musica Historica from Hungary. Free entrance to the Luscher & Matiesen Museum of the Estonian Drink Culture two hours before the concert. Hopner House diele (Vanaturu kael 3)


NB! The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme.