Masters trough centuries

We have found from Küllike Kaplinski book “Tallinn – meistrite linn” (Koolibri 1995) different Tallinn’s ancient craft movements and organization’s stamps. The pictures on them illustrates the association with the work properties and the worker’s  tools or the final product.

Ancient craftsmen organisation’s signs

Arts and crafts movements


Previous Tallinn Old Town Days

Tallinn Old Town Days have been organized since 1982 and they signify the festivities for the Old Town to celebrate the beginning of summer. These celebrations fill yards, squares, streets, coffee shops and halls with music, art, theater and variations of many bigger and smaller activities take place.

Every year Tallinn Old Town Days follows a different slogan , which also inspires the theme of the festival.  This year’s motto is “The Living Streets of the Old Town”.  The streets of the old town are getting even more car-free. As a result it is more pleasurable to spend time and walk on the old town streets. This gives us a chance to organize performances in the streets that were important in the old town history. We will bring the visitors to the streets which are not known that well.

Throughout the event days, the streets are filled with people who are wearing ancient clothes to create an ancient environment. The visitors of the old town can take part of that tradition by buying costumes from local market in Harju street which will be held throughout the event period.

We hope to see tourists from all over the world and make coming to Tallinn Old Town Days an activity that will become a habit! We recommend booking the transportation and accommodation beforehand, because the need for such services are highly demanded at our event period.

Ooh, we almost forgot to mention, most of the events are free for everybody – you just need to get here! See you in Tallinn Old Town Days!