XXXIV Tallinn Old Town Days from 30. May until 6. June 2015 “Masters trough centuries”



    09.02.2015 XXXIV Tallinn Old Town Days will take place from 30. May until 6. June 2015 and carry a motto "Masters trough centuries"

    XXXIV Tallinn Old Town Days is taking place from 30. May until 6. June 2015 and will concentrate this time more on the handcraft masters in the Old Town. For the illustration of the topic, we have created a slogan "Masters trough centuries".

    Tallinn has always been known by it's masters. Everything that makes the town different - from the bread and marcipan to the tower of St. Olaf’s Church - has been created by the masters who loved their work. There are masters, whose creatiosn have been carried troughout the history until here and now. Such as master Notke, whose St. Nicholas' Church death dance turned  immortal. Majority of the anonymous ones have created a miracle that we nowadays know as the Tallinn Old Town.

    Old Town Days is therefroe waiting in the upcoming summer to see blacksmiths, woodcraftmen and basketmakers, strong stonepickers, skilled bakers, glass-blowers and other appreciated creators whose talent has grown in Tallinn.

    The upcoming event's topic days are following:
    30. May „Opening Day“

    31. May „Church Day“

    1. June „Children's Day“

    2. June „Health Day“

    3. June „Museum Day“

    4. June „Teathre Day“

    5. June „Music Day“

    6. June „Medieval Day“

    20.06.2014 People who respond to the questionnaire will have a chance to win prices!

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    5 London Beat posters and Tallinn Old Town Days T-shirts will be randomly given away. The winners will be decided in 26. June at 14:00!

    17.06 Vote for the best cartoons that were made in Tallinn Old Town Days!

    Vote for your best until 22. June. The best videos will get their price!
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    29.05 Today's musical performances

    11.00-12.00 Concert from the participants of the XII Festival “Visioon”. (Bastion Garden)
    13.00-14.00  Gustav Adolf Music School’s bands’ concert. (Bastion Garden)


    “A harpsichord sounds from the tower”. Performances from the harpsichord students and ensembles of the Old Town Educational College’s music school (teacher Ene Nael) and the Tallinn Music High School (teacher Kristiina Are). Sounds of soloistic and chamber music throughout several centuries. Assauwe Tower (Müürivahe 12). Tickets 4€/ 2€.
    15.00–18.00 Russian Education and Charity Associations’ Union, programme “Slavic songs and dances”. Performances from the children’s dance ensemble “Solnõško”, children’s folk ensemble “Kadrill”, youth ensemble “Mlada”, “Noored Muusikud”, variety dance ensemble “Oniks”, Ukrainian folk music ensemble “Dibrova”, children’s vocal variety studio “Nupukesed”, Russian folk song ensemble “Ljubava”, folk ensemble “Bõlitsa” (folk songs and dance), “SirinStuudio”, folk song choir “Rodnye Napevy”, orchestra “Russky Suvenir”. (Bastion Garden)
    16.00-17.30 Youth Jazz Stage. Performances from young musicians from Estonia and abroad. (Town Hall Square)
    17.00 Tarmo Kivisilla & friends. A fun folk music concert at the museum courtyard for everybody, who respect truly Estonian music. Assauwe Courtyard (Müürivahe 12).
    17.00-17.30 Aavo Otsa’s music studio’s trumpet ensemble, Viru Gates
    17.40-18:00 Aavo Otsa’s music studio’s trompet ensemble, in front of cinema Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8)
    18.00 ja 19.00 Orchestra of the Defence Forces, Musumägi
    18.00 Old Town Music House “Twilight concert” (Uus tn 16c)
    18.00 Kirke Karja ja Pae Kollektiiv (Town Hall Square)
    19.00 Vasari Singers (London, Suurbritannia), dirigent Jeremy Backhouse. Tallinna Piiskoplik Toomkirik (Toom-Kooli 6)
    18.00 Kirke Karja ja Pae Kollektiiv (Raekoja plats)
    19.00 Choir concert. Vasari Singers (London, UK), conductor Jeremy Backhouse. Dome Church (Toom-Kooli 6)
     19.00 Soloists’ stage. Performance of jazz pianists Holger Marjamaa (Estonia) & Joel Lyssarides (Sweden). (Town Hall Square)
     20.00 International Youth Big Band, conductors are Teet Raik and trumpet player Nick Smart (London). Members from 5 countries. (Town Hall Square)
     21.00 Kristjan Randalu & Prezioso’s concert. Hopner House (Raekoja plats 18)
     21.15 For the end of the day: “Lullaby concert”. Bonzo, Jaan Pehk and the Old Town Mixed Choir. A canorous mild music concert before the night’s (un)rest at the loudest place in the Old Town, the junction of Suur-Karja and Little-Karja Streets. If weather conditions are bad, then the contcert will take place in Hopner’s House (Raekoja pats 18)